Why Meditate?

Why meditate?  You will experience a myriad of benefits from starting or deepening a regular meditation practice.  I have had a meditation practice for the past twenty-five years.  When I initially started meditating, I was a corporate executive and my practice was sporadic.  However, for the past seven years, I have been very regular in my practice, making time for meditation twice a day.   

I have learned that when you meditate, you unleash inner capacities. 

why meditate?My knowledge and experience in meditation have confirmed that there is an unfolding when we meditate.  The reason is that when you meditate, you access the source where energy is unbounded.  As I came to know seasoned meditators, I noticed that they seemed to have more personal resilience, resourcefulness, and energy than most people.  It’s as though they are walking a secret path for maintaining youthful energy.


Meditation leads you on a path to the source where energy is unbounded.

Everything shifts when you walk this path.  It’s as though you are on a personal journey filled with creativity and evolution.  You can access the source of energy to change.   You feel supported to create a new world from the inside out that is filled with love, meaning, and purpose.

Meditation awakened in me the need to create and to follow where my curiosity was leading,meditate

One of the teachers on my path is Deepak Chopra.  He would say I am a seeker.  My whole life I have felt as if I have had one foot grounded in the real, material world and the other foot in a place of seeking answers to ancient existential questions like why are we really here and what is life really about? When I retired from the corporate world, I became a student, embarked on a self-imposed spiritual learning quest and I established my twice-daily practice.

I learned about the major wisdom traditions, different belief systems about the soul, and the laws of the universe.  I studied synchronicity, quantum physics, higher states of consciousness; the study of happiness and well-being.

I read a mountain of books, went to seminars with Deepak Chopra, studied with Jean Houston in her home in Oregon, took many online classes, and spent many happy hours learning, studying, pondering, and meditating.  After some time on the journey, I began to realize that in all my seeking, the answers that were right for me and my path had been there and available inside myself all along.   

Meditation allows us to settle into quieter levels of awareness until we experience the pure silence within.

meditationAlong the way, I experienced and became certified to teach many kinds of meditation.  My practice includes mindfulness, movement meditation, lovingkindness meditation, body scans and relaxation, breathing techniques, chanting Kirtan, and using brain catalyst technology.  I like experimenting with different types of meditation to keep my practice vibrant and fresh, but for me, mantra meditation has continued to be the most powerful and effective method and it is one I use daily.

Mantra meditation is the mainstay of my practice and it has been so powerful for me, I became certified at the Chopra Center to teach a specific type of meditation where the student receives their own personal Sanskrit mantra.    This meditation practice is called Primordial Sound Meditation.  It is an honor for me to share this ancient practice with others.

Now in my mid-sixties,  I feel better than ever.  Meditation has helped me become more grateful, more vital, more balanced, more energetic, more peaceful.  I see abundance growing in my life along with daily joy and improved relationships.

I now think of meditation as a powerful tool that allows us to move from activity to silence.

Most of us have busy lives, consumed with thoughts about family, career, health, finances, and relationships. Our minds stay active with thoughts about the past, plans for the future, and a stream of stories about the events of our lives. Meditation allows us to settle into quieter levels of awareness until we experience the pure silence within.

In the process of going within, meditation helps release accumulated tension, stress and fatigue.

Meditation helps us discover who we really are, how to create life as we want it to be.   It allows us to expand; to be more creative, more loving, more capable, to have greater clarity of thinking; more wholeness and health. There is an unfolding when we meditate.

We all have different reasons for wanting to learn to meditate, including:meditate

  • reduced stress
  • better health
  • happiness
  • more focus
  • better relationships
  • expanded creativity

Meditation facilitates all of these benefits. 

In addition, with ongoing meditation, your own awareness brings you fulfillment.  You transform your world from within.

You begin to tap into the vision of yourself as whole and complete.  Life becomes a limitless adventure.  Anytime you want, you can choose how you want to serve; to be the change you want to see in the world.  You can choose to be an expression of peace or love or compassion.

In meditation, we connect with the true self and can quickly recognize the best impulses within us.

At this deeper level, the ultimate spiritual goal of meditation is enlightenment, which can be simply described as awakening to your true self. With growing clarity, we allow old beliefs and limitations to fall away.  At this level, when you aspire for a life filled with vibrancy and light you can see the path to obtain it. 

At the end of my daily meditations, I  set some specific intentions.  Four of these I learned at the Chopra Center and one I added myself.  They are;  Joyful energetic body.  Loving, compassionate heart. Reflective alert mind.  Vibrant, creative spirit.  Lightness of being. 

With each meditation, you renew yourself.  As you renew yourself, you unleash the capacity to serve the world in new and more ways.  You connect with the highest and best within you and tap into the power of awareness which is unbounded.


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