How to Manifest Your Desire

Learning how to manifest your desire was one of the most surprising things I learned on my spiritual journey.Manifest Desire

For me, the idea of manifestation was surprising because I had never stopped to consider the power of examining what I truly wanted in life.  

I learned that focusing with conscious intention on what I wanted was all about embracing the power of my own choices. 

And, that I could consciously create abundance that was aligned with my true desires.

In addition, I learned that your true self lies deep in your awareness.  This is the most powerful part of you.  It is the part of you that links your desire with the ability to manifest that desire.   

Gary Zukav’s book, The Seat of the Soul made a lasting impact on me.

Seat of the SoulFrom that book, I learned that some desires are more powerful than others.  For example, the desires of wanting to be a better version of yourself or finding meaning in life are more potent than wanting a bigger house.

When your desires are more about being than having or doing, those are more powerful desires.

Another important spiritual lesson for me was the notion that part of your quest in life is to find ways to use your personality and talents. 

When your desire stems from using your gifts in service to others, you will feel that this is what your soul came here to do.  As your desires line up with who you really are, then that expression of your gifts becomes powerful.  If you can connect to that energy, that is when you feel unstoppable.  It is as though energy begins to work with you to co-create the life you want.  

As the Founder of SoulArt Meditation, I work with spiritual seekers who want to amplify life with more meaning, purpose and self-expression, but who struggle with unleashing their creativity.

I teach a series of courses that help you silence your inner critic, free your inner artist and connect with your inner wisdom so you use more of your potential and make a bigger impact in life.Manifest Desire

We have several manifestation exercises in the SoulArt series of courses. 

These exercises help you move beyond ego desires and access your deepest desires.  Understanding these desires helps you create a life of purpose and meaning.

Along the way, you also learn to release limited thoughts and beliefs and tap into the field of infinite possibility.  This is where dreams turn into reality.  

And, this is where you discover and cultivate what is really important so you can pursue your desires with intention and awareness.

manifest desireIn SoulArt Meditation, which is the initial course, you are given desires homework.

First, you are asked to write down your most important desires and put your list somewhere you will see it every day. 

You are given prompts to consider desires in a few areas; material, emotional, and spiritual.

Then, you are given some meditation homework so that you can begin a daily practice.  As part of that practice, one of the soul questions you ask yourself on a regular basis is ‘what do I want?’

In addition, some of our exercises are imagination exercises where you are asked to consider the life you would have if absolutely anything were possible. 

Imagination exercises come naturally to children.  As adults, it takes some practice to regain that expansive space we remember as kids.

In the ancient spiritual texts, the Vedas, imagination is viewed as both the transcendent power through which the universe was created and the power that joins the human spirit with the ultimate reality. To live your ultimate reality, you have to train your imagination; let it soar.  There is an entire world of possibilities out there beyond our current perspective.

Everything begins as thought; so the current picture of your life in some way reflects your current thoughts. These might be conscious, sub-conscious, or some of both.  In SoulArt 2.0, which is the next level course in the SoulArt series, we continue our work on manifestation. 

Because we do work in art journals in the SoulArt course, we can easily bring visualization into the manifestation process. manifest desire

Visualization is the process of mentally imagining a goal or desire in a way that feels as if you’re already living in that reality. Many of the world’s most successful, productive, and creative people – from CEOs to athletes and musicians – use visualization techniques every day to perform at their peak.   Manifesting desire takes place like this; the ability to imagine things influences everything we create.  When you imagine what could be possible without letting your rational mind limit you, you break free of limiting beliefs.  

Visualization work helps you condition your subconscious mind.  In other words, visualization helps you create the outcomes you desire with greater ease and joy.

Fleshing out your desires helps you welcome your new, ideal reality. In SoulArt 2.0, we design art journal pages to be vision boards.  Vision boards are not only about manifesting the desire at the end.  They are very fun to create and they make you enjoy the process itself. Your pages are designed to be a source of inspiration, motivation, and manifestation.   Visualize your goals and desires and represent them with words.  Include images and pictures if you like.

You don’t need to be gifted at drawing.  There are many ways to portray your desires.  

manifest desireMost soul artists use detailed word descriptions that are meaningful.  Some create collages with cut-out images that support inner goals.

These words and images help focus and remind you of what makes you happy and energized and give you a powerful, clear vision of your desires.

The goals can be related to one or many aspects of your life (professional, personal, relationships, wealth, health, happiness, spirituality; freedom, success, power, love etc).

This work in SoulArt 2.0 builds on the foundational work from SoulArt Meditation.

Building on the SoulArt Meditation work, first, you identify themes.  Secondly, take the themes and write more detailed descriptions of what your desires could look like.  Thirdly, let my sentences inspire your journal pages and create visual headlines using images and words.

Finally, once you have all your quotes, pictures, affirmations and elements to add to your pages, then you organize it all and lay out or sketch how you want the page to look and make sure everything will fit.  Then draw, or glue your graphics or quotes and write down anything else you want to include.manifest desire

Dr. Joe Dispenza recommends putting desire themes under some all-encompassing headers that help you categorize and remember them with an acronym.  I love this idea.

Here I use the acronym INSPIRATA (which means to be divinely breathed into).  And each time I meditate, when I ask myself the ‘what do I want’ question, I can quickly summon my acronym to mind and is easy for me to visualize my vision board pages.  The acronym stands for Inspire, Nature, Spirit, Place, Intimacy, Resilience, Attract, Thrive and Abundance.  Each of those categories means something specific for me.

The way that I use my pages in the beginning is to do a flip through of my journal before morning and afternoon meditation.  Then, once the words, images and meanings are firmly in my mind, it is easy to just recall each page with all of the words and images each time I meditate. 

You also keep these pages alive by adding in gratitude as things begin to manifest.

manifest desireIf your left brain wants to get involved, you can include SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound.  Also include “aha’s” you have along the way; Quotes, compliments, testimonials, accomplishments.

I hope this has given you some inspiration to create your vision journal manifestation pages.  I am always so excited to see what Soul Artists create in these lessons.

If this Manifestation work resonates with you, I encourage you to enroll in SoulArt Meditation and begin the journey.

Thank you to Soul Artists Megan Davies, Lynn Harrison, Kathy Kellum and Rich Ramsey for sharing your art journal pages for this Blog Post.Manifest Desire





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