Meet Transformational Coach, Jane Ramsey

Jane Ramsey was a business executive for a global Fortune 500 company.  Upon retirement, Jane embarked on a course of study in philosophy, fitness, health, creativity, resilience, nutrition, quantum physics, happiness, and spirituality. 

Unique Coach 

Jane comes at transformational coaching from four angles; meditation, art, business, and adult learning. She is a Chopra-certified meditation coach, business leader, artist, and expert in adult learning.  Jane helps clients learn to amplify life through meditation, thriving techniques, creativity, and resilience.    Her clients learn to feel more grateful, vital, energetic, peaceful, and joyful, and to develop great abundance and loving relationships in their lives. 

Accomplished Author 

Along the way, Jane decided to share her transformational journey with the world in the form of her book VISION QUEST: a journey to happiness in the hope that it would help others to do the same. Her story is inspiring and enlightening. 

Inspired Artist 

As a part of her journey, Jane has become an avid and accomplished artist donating artwork and creating an online shop. Shop for Jane Ramsey’s artistic creations.  Click to visit Etsy Shop 

Praise For Jane Ramsey

“Effortless, deep meditation from Jane Ramsey, Chopra Certified Meditation Teacher. Do you think meditation is difficult? It is not. Jane will guide you through instruction where you will learn to bring the balance back into your life with deeply meaningful meditation. You will receive a personal mantra, learn to understand the software of the soul and explore the seven levels of consciousness. Jane is a compassionate teacher with decades of background in her field, and she will guide you toward stress relief, improved health and happiness and more. My life has changed immensely in the most positive way since taking Jane’s Meditation class. I highly recommend it.”

Teresa H

“I am deeply grateful for my time with Jane. This great woman is wise, thoughtful and very considered. I have been a student and practitioner of meditation for +5 years and I found my experience with Jane to be very valuable. I hold her with the highest regard.”

Curt M

“I did a class with Jane Ramsey to go deeper into and re-establish my meditation practice. It brought me even more than I expected. She’s a great teacher. Check out her Facebook page where Jane shares great information like relevant articles and breathing techniques for better health and well-being.”

Wendy W

"I recently finished the SoulArt Meditation course with Jane Ramsey. I had let my meditation practice go by the wayside and found myself doing the same with my artistic expression. Jane and her course reignited the passion. I have continued working in my art journal and my mindfulness practice. The joy and delight I am experiencing in the whole human experience, has been only a small benefit of meeting Jane and taking her course. She is a wise and kind teacher, bursting with desire to share and help you grow. I highly highly recommend this class for anyone wanting to discover and touch their own soul."

Laurie W.

"Jane has helped me grow and change in ways I didn’t think possible. "
After doing Jane's rich and beautiful course, I realized how limited my thinking was on many things. I see in different ways now, my art is different, my life is different, my Spirituality is deeper and more powerful, and I now understand that my growth is limitless.”

Teresa H

"I've learned to allow my creativity to flow. SoulArt Meditation helps me start my day in balance. I have learned to release self judgement and allow my creativity to flow. Every lesson has deepened my spirituality; taught me to appreciate who I am; have more clarity on what I desire in life and given me a more solid belief in myself.”

Kathy K

“SoulArt Meditation has elevated me like no other."
I have taken many meditation classes in my life. SoulArt Meditation has elevated my practices and my creative life like no other. Jane puts us at ease as she honors and uplifts what we do and who we are. Jane is a remarkable teacher.

Debbie M