Tap Into Profound Leadership Wisdom

Leading with Soul is a unique leadership development program combined with a daily guided meditation practice. It is perfect for leaders who want to cultivate the ability to lead at their best and nurture natural leadership abilities in order to lead with authenticity.

Practicing meditation helps leaders learn to be more mindful, grateful, present, focused, compassionate and aware. Those skills translate beautifully to leadership, promoting resilience and discernment in making decisions, and helping leaders connect with people in a way that honors their path and nurtures their potential.

Leading with Soul was developed and is taught by Jane Ramsey whose corporate leadership experience spans three decades. In her last role, she served as Chief Human Resources Officer for a Fortune 500 company. Following retirement, she embarked upon a personal Vision Quest to hone her meditation skills and pursue knowledge in areas of philosophy, fitness, happiness and well-being. She is a certified Chopra meditation coach and developer of the SoulArt Meditation course of study.

Leading with Soul synthesizes the lessons Jane learned as a corporate executive with the ancient teachings of meditation to help professionals develop leadership skills through an affirmation-based meditation practice.

Leading With Soul Includes


21-Day Guided Meditation Audios

Establish your daily meditation practice with these guided audios and begin to experience the benefits of meditation on your health, your well-being and your leadership skills.

Downloadable Journal

In your Leading With Soul Journal you can track your progress and note any insights from your daily meditation sessions. The journal includes affirmations and journaling prompts for your ongoing leadership development.

One-on-One Coaching

Schedule a one-hour personal coaching session with Jane Ramsey to discuss ways of elevating your leadership skills while going deeper into your meditation practice.

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