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Are You A Soul Artist?
Soul Artist Experience
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Are You A Soul Artist?
Soul Artist Experience

Unlock Your Creative Potential; Get Unstuck

Quiet Your Mind, Stay Connected to Your Inner Wisdom 

Experience insightful creative expression, tune into your deeper intuitive self, and feel your creativity flow.

Join Transformational Coach, Jane Ramsey in one of her comprehensive programs; Thriving in Retirement; Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation; and The Soul Artist Experience series of courses.

In each of her unique programs, you will learn to amplify life through creativity and personal transformation.  

In Jane’s Thriving in Retirement Program, you will learn to feel more passionate and connected with life.  

Finally, you are done working for and pleasing someone else.  Now is the time to go after what YOU want, discover your essential self, and realize your dreams.  Give yourself the permission to achieve more of your potential.  Wake up excited every day.  Discover your purpose and clarify the defining thread running through your life that makes it worth living to the fullest.

The Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation Course is designed to help you 10X your ability to live creatively.

You will confidently use your imagination and easily come up with innovative ideas. Unlock your potential and be seen as a creative, innovative leader.   Learn top practices for innovation, ten reasons to cultivate creativity, and how play teaches you how to be creative.  You will experience insightful creative expression and tune into your deeper intuitive self.  Take creative leaps, develop your noticing skills and inspire fresh thinking.  Learn how to boost creativity with mindfulness and other surprising ways to cultivate imagination.

In 2023, the Soul Artist Experience series of courses will be taught live on the Wellness Universe.  Learn to combine creativity and personal transformation.

The Soul Artist Experience is designed to help you tune in to your own intuition, detach from judgment and find flow through creativity. You will learn to connect to your own inner guidance and develop deeper self-knowledge in fun, nurturing self-paced modules. You will be connected with a tribe of like-minded Soul Artists through various private groups and regularly scheduled video conferences.

Art Journal

Jane’s Overview of the Soul Artist Experience

The Soul Artist Experience Program Includes:

Soul Artist Experience 1.0

The foundation for the Soul Artist Experience program, this class introduces various meditation practices, pranayama breathing techniques, and painting tips. You will begin your Soul Artist journal and learn to infuse creativity with spiritual practice.  

Soul Artist Experience 2.0

Prerequisite: Completion of Soul Artist Experience 1.0

Soul Artist Experience 2.0 is for those who recognize they are on a spiritual path. We go deeper into seeing ourselves as a divine creation and begin to know and understand ourselves more completely. 

Soul Artist Experience Master Class

Prerequisite: Completion of Soul Artist Experience 1.0 and 2.0

This course is a group experience in which we study the ancient wisdom of sages, enlightened beings and spiritual philosophers. Through our art journals, we explore each lesson to more fully discern our own call and dharma and achieve more wholeness. 

Leading With Soul

Tap Into profound wisdom with this unique leadership development program combined with a daily guided meditation practice.

The Art of Leadership

Prerequisite: Completion of Leading With Soul

We build on the foundational work from Leading with Soul, with more examples of inspiring leadership and learn to more fully discern our own purpose and achieve more wholeness by connecting with our own inner guidance.

Primordial Sound Meditation

A meditation technique rooted in ancient Vedic traditions. Start your journey of self-care by learning to meditate using your own personal mantra and techniques.

Daily Guided Meditations

Adopt a regular, daily meditation practice with guided audios based on seven Universal principles.

Pranayama Breathing Techniques

This module is a perfect primer for anyone wanting to harness Pranayama techniques to help reduce stress, sleep more restfully and enjoy more energy and invigoration.

Courses Coming Soon

New courses are continually being added. Be first to learn about new
offerings by joining our community.

What You Can Learn from the Soul Artist Experience

No artistic or meditation experience required

You will learn how to meditate and you will start a beautiful daily meditation practice that will enrich your life and teach you to trust your inner guidance and intuition.

You will learn how meditation enhances your life – both at home and the office.

You will learn breathing practices (pranayama) that will help you achieve greater relaxation, peace and calmness.

You will learn some of Jane’s most profound lessons she gained while on her own personal vision quest following her corporate career, where she explored the world’s wisdom traditions and spiritual philosophies.

You will free your inner artist, give your ego a rest, and learn to let yourself play, experiment and move past self-judgment.

You will learn how creativity can take you to a similar place as meditation as you get in the flow’ and tap into a deeper, quieter part of yourself.

You can choose to join a diverse, supportive tribe of fellow SoulArtists connected via private social media groups and monthly Zoom calls.

Selected SoulArtists Creations! 

Creativity is like Meditation
Art Journal Inspiration
Art for the Soul
SoulArt Meditation
Creativity is like Meditation
Creative Art Journal
SoulArt Meditation

Soul Artist Stories 

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July 21, 2023

How to Manifest your Desire

How to Manifest Your Desire Learning how to manifest your desire was one of the most fascinating things I learned on my transformational journey. The idea of manifestation was surprising…
superheroArt for HealingArt Journal PagesSoul Artist Experience
July 13, 2023

You Are a Superhero

You Are a Superhero You are a superhero.  Perhaps that thought makes you shake your head and dismiss the idea.  Because being a superhero connotes something extraordinary, it conjures up…
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June 17, 2023

Balancing the Crown Chakra

Balancing the Crown Chakra Sahasrara is the Sanskrit name for the Crown Chakra. The crown chakra is located in the crown of the head, at the place we know as…

Unleash Your Inner Creativity!

Experience playful, non-judgmental creative expression, tune into your deeper intuitive self, feel the creativity flow.

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Meet Jane Ramsey 

Jane Ramsey is an inspired artist, accomplished author, Chopra-certified meditation coach, and the creator of the Soul Artist Experience.  

Jane was a business executive whose last corporate role as Head of Human Resources for a global Fortune 500 company.  Upon retirement, she embarked upon a course of study in philosophy, fitness, health, nutrition, quantum physics, happiness, and spirituality. She chronicles her journey in her book VISION QUEST: a journey to happiness.

Having taken art and painting classes for many years, as part of her Vision Quest, Jane developed the courage to finally proclaim herself an artist and begin donating and selling her inspired artworks.  

She has been meditating for more than twenty-five years, and in developing the series of Soul Artist Experience courses, she combined two of her primary passions – creativity and personal growth – into a robust program to help others express themselves more fully and freely.

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Praise for Jane and Her Work.

"Jane has helped me grow and change in ways I didn’t think possible. "

Teresa HAfter doing Jane's rich and beautiful course, I realized how limited my thinking was on many things. I see in different ways now, my art is different, my life is different, my Spirituality is deeper and more powerful, and I now understand that my growth is limitless.

"I've learned to allow my creativity to flow."

Kathy KThe Soul Artist Experience helps me start my day in balance. I have learned to release self judgement and allow my creativity to flow. Every lesson has deepened my spirituality; taught me to appreciate who I am; have more clarity on what I desire in life and given me a more solid belief in myself.

"The Soul Artist Experience has elevated me like no other."

Debbie MI have taken many meditation classes in my life. The Soul Artist Experience has elevated my practices and my creative life like no other. Jane puts us at ease as she honors and uplifts what we do and who we are. Jane is a remarkable teacher.

Learn to Meditate | Explore Creativity | Become an Inspired Leader

Whatever your goals, unfettered creativity can help you find the balance and life you’ve always dreamed of.

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