Balancing the Crown Chakra

Sahasrara is the Sanskrit name for the Crown Chakra.Sahasrara

The crown chakra is located in the crown of the head, at the place we know as the soft spot in a baby’s head.   Some characteristics of the seventh chakra include consciousness, awareness, belief systems, universal identity, transcendence, and creating or deriving meaning.

Your beliefs come from interpretations of your experience.  As you experience life, you develop concepts about the way life works.  These belief systems are powerful.  An optimist views life differently than a pessimist. Your beliefs shape your reality and your reality shapes your beliefs.

As you expand your consciousness, your belief systems grow and expand.  

Limiting beliefs suppress expansion.  If someone believes “I can’t do it,” or “it is impossible,” or “I don’t deserve it,” their ability to expand consciousness is thwarted.

When you discover that anything is possible, connection to the field of infinite possibility provides you with an immediate expansion of beliefs.

Chakra bookIn the book Eastern Body, Western Mind, by Anodea Judith, she makes some memorable points:

“The crown chakra is a two-way gate to the beyond. It opens outward beyond ourselves to the infinite, and it opens inward and downward to the world of visions, creation, and eventual manifestation.”

When your crown chakra is balanced, you naturally seek knowledge throughout life.  You allow your own belief system to evolve over time.



In the seventh chakra, a shift beyond ego takes place.  As the search for meaning transcends our own individual identity, we begin to ask larger questions.  We go beyond the important question “Who am I,” to “What does it all mean?”

Balancing Sahasrara is about awakening to the reality of our spiritual nature. 

My teacher Alan Seale explains that this vital energy center is the center of spirituality and your relationship to spirit and to the divine within the self. 

In the seventh chakra, he explains, you experience a spiritual portal bringing you guidance, direction, and understanding. 

When this chakra is in tune, you experience peace and serenity.  You sense a feeling of oneness with all of creation.

Sahasrara is often referred to as the thousand-petal lotus chakra.lotus chakra

The crown chakra is our source of enlightenment and spiritual connection to Universal, or Source energy.  It is a connection to our higher selves.  Here, we recognize our connection to every being on the planet, and ultimately the divine energy that creates everything in the universe.

You are pure consciousness, undivided, and all expansive. 

Like a drop in the ocean, you are a part of that ocean that contains and encompasses every aspect of it.

The poet Rumi reminds us, “You are not a drop in the ocean; you are the entire ocean in a drop.”

The lotus flower is a powerful symbol in both the Hindu and Buddhist wisdom traditions. It is nurtured, grows, and emerges in muddy waters. 

Though there is no clarity, it blooms. Something beautiful and surprising emerges despite the environment.

If you think of the seventh chakra like a lotus flower, you see that despite the confines of your physical body and your ego, your essence can emerge.  You begin to be free.  

I like to envision this as a white light that surrounds your body, making you stand out in your murky surroundings.

crown chakraWhen I first learned about the seventh chakra, it seemed out of reach. 

I thought; “well, that sounds nice for monks and gurus, but I’m just an ordinary person with a normal life.”

What I learned as I went on my Vision Quest is that reaching enlightenment may not be as far off as it appears. 

A worthy goal may be to live with moments of pure awareness. 

We have all experienced these moments at one time or another. Have you ever felt unconditional love for someone? Have you ever experienced a feeling of awe in the presence of nature?

Practicing meditation, prayer, and silence are daily practices that lead to increased moments of spiritual connection. 

These are the ways to experience the essence of Sahasrara.  Meditation, prayer, and silence are the daily practices that connect you to universal consciousness.  Asmeditation to balance crown chakra you are regular in your practices, you will see the expansion of spiritual awareness in your outer world. 

You will begin to experience unconditional love on a consistent basis. You will be more compassionate, kind, and forgiving, and you will show more humility. 

Life will no longer be solely about you and your ego desires. Your life will become more about serving others because when you serve others, you are serving yourself.

Exercises for Tuning the Sahasrara Chakra

crown chakraIn addition to meditation, there are other ways to balance Sahasrara.

To begin, sit in a chair with your legs uncrossed. Next, close your eyes and breathe.  Then, feel the breath fill your head, concentrating on the crown.

Breathe in the color violet or white, the colors associated with the crown chakra. 

Feel this part of your body come alive. You may feel warmth or sensation or some other signal that energy is moving there. If you experience resistance, be patient and gentle with yourself and ease your way into the crown chakra with your breath.  If there is a great deal of resistance, allow yourself several sessions of relaxed, intentional breathing to make your way in. 

Repeat the following Crown Chakra affirmations. Do they ring true for you?  I:headstand balance crown chakra

  • Am a divine being
  • Feel the connection with everyone and everything
  • Am connected to the universe.
  • Am at peace.

How to Balance Sahasrara

The balancing techniques mentioned here are those that can be accomplished personally within your body’s own healing processes.

Besides meditating and tuning into your intuition in your daily life, you can also balance the seventh chakra using yoga, colors, gems, and using essential oils.

tree pose balance crown chakraYoga Asanas can balance the crown chakra.

In yoga practice, headstands, savasana, and tree pose.

Chanting or toning sounds can also help bring Sahasrara back to balance. 

Sounds create vibrations in the body, and these vibrations help the cells work together in synchronistic harmony. 

The mantra sound that corresponds to the heart chakra is the sound AUM.  You can practice this in the linked video.

Gems that help balance the seventh chakra include clear quartz, which amplifies the energy of whatever crystal it is near.  Amethyst and alexandrite are other powerful gems to help tune this energy center.

 Wearing violet colors also helps balance the crown chakra.

Another tool for crown chakra health is sniffing essential oils such as frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood.  

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