Make the Law of Correspondence Work for You


Universal Laws, law of correspondenceThis is part three of a twelve-part series about ancient mystical teachings called the Universal Laws or Hermetic Principles.   The focus of this article is on The Law of Correspondence and making spiritual art.

Many believe that by harnessing the Hermetic Principles, you can achieve inner peace, a deeper connection to the universe, and a greater understanding of yourself.  

In my Soul Artist Experience series of classes, among many other topics, we explore the Universal Laws.  We use our art journals to explore each principle.  Creating art becomes a type of spiritual practice. 

As I walked the path of what I call my ‘vision quest’, I sought answers to spiritual questions.  And, I kept a notebook throughout my journey.  Along with my notes, I included imagery, sketches, doodles, quotes, sacred geometry, and poetry.  I began to think of this as spiritual art.   In addition, the images stayed in my mind and provided mental landmarks for each new concept.

Similarly, in our Soul Artist Experience classes, each Artist creates art journal pages as they delve into each lesson.  The Soul Artists use quotes, images, poetry, and their own original designs to illustrate their insights.

Our art journal work is not intended to be fine art.   The process is the point.the law of correspondence, art as a spiritual practice

Creating in our art journals is deeply personal work that allows us to place milestones along our transformation path.  We set intentions to silence any negative self-talk about what we are creating.   Giving ourselves the freedom to play, we create art as a spiritual practice.  Our journals catalog our insights and become deep friends.

Exciting transformational themes emerge in the work of Soul Artists when they journal about The Law of Correspondence.  For example; the notion of intentionally creating your life by making conscious choices.  And, that the person you wish to become already exists inside you.  New perspectives and insights arise on recurring life lessons.  Above all, Soul Artists begin to accept the concept that the unseen world is just as ‘real’ as the seen world.

The Law of Correspondence

“Everything we do is infused with the energy with which we do it. If we’re frantic, life will be frantic. If we’re peaceful, life will be peaceful.”  – Marianne Williamson

This law states that: Your outer world is always a reflection of your inner world. As above, so below; as within, so without.  The Law of Correspondence resonates with me because it contains the idea of having perspective.   For instance, the notion that each life lesson has many layers, and we shape our own reality by our thoughts. 

Viewing life situations with a wider perspective to appreciate all sides is part of the idea, like seeing the intricacy of a Moroccan rug, which looks beautiful, yet different, from every angle.  Similarly, our current situation is a direct result of the way we think about it.

art as a spiritual practice, the law of correspondenceAgain and again, we learn from the Universal Laws; If we want to shift our lives, we have to shift our thoughts.

We have total and complete control over only one thing in life— our thinking.   When we change our thought habits to focus on what we truly desire, we can bring about meaningful and lasting change. For example, if we have thought patterns that are filled with gratitude, appreciation, compassion, and kindness our inner and outer view of life will be loving.  As within, so without.

If our notion of what success looks like is about exuding positive energy, and how we want to BE; for example, choosing to be balanced, joyful, and focused on loving personal relationships; those elements of success will be reflected within ourselves and the outside world.


The Law of Correspondence explains; your outer world is always a reflection of your inner world. 

In your inner world, do you see yourself as strong?  What affirmations allow you to be seen this way?  Do you see yourself as grateful?  What daily practices reinforce this notion?  Are you unstoppable?  What thought habits are in place to ensure that as within, so without?

This law also speaks beautifully to what is seen and unseen; what is real and unreal.

The visible universe is a reflection of the invisible. As above, so below.  So much is unseen: conscious awareness, the past, the future, the subtle dimension, and the boundless realm of the soul.  

Simply accepting the unseen world as a legitimate level of reality is a milestone for anyone on a spiritual path.

The unseen world is as real as that which we tangibly experience with our senses; in fact, some philosophers would say it is the only reality.

As I began to learn more about various wisdom traditions, philosophy, mythology, and even science, I triangulated an underlying theme.  Egyptian mythologyspiritual art, the law of correspondence speaks of the world of phenomena as the image of the real world. Hindu parables show us that the universe is a passing expression of a divine Idea. Philo of Alexandria said that God first created the invisible universe, then the visible. In the Talmud, it is regarded as self-evident that if a man would know the invisible he should study the visible.  Everywhere is this dominating paradox, that there is an invisible world which is real, and a visible which is unreal.  And to study one is to better understand the other. 

as above so belowThe Law of Correspondence tells us; as below, so above.  As above, so below.

Going a step further in understanding the nuances of The Law of Correspondence, many spiritual teachers explain; life challenges happen for you, not to you.  There can be important life lessons in everything we face.  In any catalytic situation, it’s helpful to step back and notice what the situation reveals about our thinking.  Sometimes just a slight mental shift of an outdated thought pattern can change our entire outlook.

Our repetitive subconscious patterns create our lives.

We can either be served or held back by our daily habits and patterns.   For instance, what would happen if you made a choice to begin viewing the world in a more positive and optimistic way?   In other words, we could create something in our art journals as a tangible sign that we are viewing the world with gratitude and positivity.  In this way, creating art becomes a tangible part of our spiritual practice.

The Law of Correspondence tells us that our outer world is just a reflection of our inner world—as within, so without.   If we begin to view life more positively, we feel more successful. 

Our outer world shifts to become congruent with our inner world.

as within so without, art as a spiritual practice, the law of correspondenceIf we began to consciously make healthier choices about the food we eat, the information we consume; choosing less stress, better sleep, and nurturing activities within our day, our outer world will soon reflect our healthier inner world.

Our reality is a mirror of what is going on inside us. Is our inner reality celebratory; happy, centered, integrated, and fulfilled? If it is, then that’s what the world will see.  The outer world is a by-product of your inner world, which means that if you change how you feel and think, you can shift and change your outer world. As within, so without; as below, so above.

Activate this law by becoming aware of your own patterns, and then consciously taking action steps to reinforce the ones that serve you and break the ones that don’t.

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Gratitude and thanks to the Soul Artists who have shared their work for this post;

Kathy Kellum, Teresa Henke, and Cheryl Thompson.


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Thank you for reading this post. Feel free to share it.

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