Thrive in Your Third Chapter of Life

You can learn to thrive in your third chapter of life.thrive in third chapter

People have different terminology for retirement, and I like to think of it as my ‘third chapter.’   Thanks to the book titled The Third Chapter by Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, this title gets quite a bit of airplay.  Your third chapter is where you leave your legacy, focus on what is most important, and do some things you couldn’t do during the peak of your career.

I am an author, artist, and course creator and I have launched a new program because I am passionate about helping people transcend barriers and live life to its fullest in the third chapter of life.

My Thriving in Retirement Program is now live.

This is the ONLY course I know that combines mastering the ingredients for thriving, cultivating creativity to amplify life, learning to quiet your mind, and clarifying purpose.

This opportunity is multiple complete training programs COMBINED, to up-level your ability to thrive in the third stage of life.

third chapterThe Implications of Longevity What if you have 40 more years of productive life ahead? How will you spend them?
Cultivate Creativity: Free your Inner Artist to amplify life
Practice Mindfulness and Meditation to make a profound positive difference in your life
Clarify your Purpose to live life with meaning and fulfillment
Discover How & Where You Want to Live for your best possible living situation
Magnify Daily Joy by cultivating optimism, gratitude, and the science of happiness
Cultivate Resilience and learn to cope with whatever challenges life brings
Learn the Art of Dying Well and how to make this transition as graceful and easy as possible for you and your loved ones

SO, what does that mean exactly?

It means…

I see scores of people who flounder in the last part of life.

Yet others thrive. They seem to be on a path to greater and greater fulfillment even as they age; even as they face whatever surprises life has in store; living their dreams, sharing their passions; staying creative and vital.

That’s what I want for me, for everyone I love and that’s why I created this program. I want you to:

Find, know and live your purposeactive seniors
Wake up excited every day
Enjoy the journey; live with daily joy and gratitude
Be a role model of well-being
Be resilient; physically and mentally active
Continue to learn, evolve and grow
Amplify personal creativity; feel your creative juices flowing
Feel fulfilled, confident, and connected to life

In essence; to be more of who you truly are.

For this to happen, you need to COMMIT to doing some inner work.

planning third chapterHave you spent much of your time and energy chasing outward success and the idea that something ‘out there’’ will make life work better for you?

OR are you on the opposite end of the spectrum…

…in a holding pattern, where nothing lights you up and the days click by with nothing to show for them, and you are unconsciously choosing the path of least action?

Neither of these situations will answer your Soul’s Call.

The key to truly living an at your best, thriving life requires inner work. You grow larger because you begin to truly know yourself.

It requires some courage and commitment.

Most people put a tremendous amount of effort into the financial component of planning for retirement.

But, in terms of the emotional side of retirement, they put about as much effort as planning a vacation.  Most people wildly underestimate the impact of this transition in life.

I’m not saying I had it all figured out because I didn’t.  I am 8 years in and I have stumbled, and I am still learning and growing.

There are people who learn to really thrive in retirement and some who struggle. senior woman thriving

The purpose of the course is to share what I’ve learned to help you embrace this time in your life to live at your best and find deep fulfillment; to truly thrive.

Because I am an artist and a creativity advocate, we spend quite a bit of time in class learning how to cultivate creativity.

Studies show that accessing your creativity is one key way to generate more fulfillment in life. 

You will experience freeing your inner artist and hopefully become inspired to make creativity an important part of the rest of your life.

And, you will learn why our adult brains can focus too much on limiting beliefs and keep us from exercising our full creative potential.  You will learn ways to tame your inner critic.

As a meditation coach, I see how quieting your mind can be an enormous catalyst for positive change.

meditationYou will learn the basics of meditation and start a daily practice that will make a profound positive difference in your life.

In the course, you have access to many mindfulness and meditation options so you can find a method that resonates with you.

We spend an entire module on finding your purpose for this stage of life, 

You will learn why this is important, take a quiz, get inspired, and experience a number of exercises that will help you make discoveries about yourself that will generate more meaning and fulfillment in your life.  There is a huge amount of introspection and getting to know yourself in the course and setting aside time to really know yourself and how to make life as fulfilling as possible is a rich part of the content.

The Where Will You Live Module is practical.

You will think broadly about your living situation and determine what you want your physical surroundings to be like in this phase of life.  We spend time learning about decluttering, moving, and thinking about the ideal space and place for you to most fully allow a flourishing lifestyle.

Cultivate joy and well-being in life. 

You will experience a host of exercises and practical, proven ways to develop more gratitude and greater well-being and happiness in life.

Cultivating resilience in mind, body, and spirit is an important module in the course because the ability to bounce back after exposure to some kind of stress is a critical life skill.

In life, stuff happens.  It is inevitable.   Being fortunate enough to age means that we will experience setbacks.

Cultivating the ability to be as resilient as possible can be learned and practiced.

And, in the final module of the course, we prepare for a graceful exit.  I give you tools that experts say are necessary to get your affairs in order so that you can make plans and leave your intentions and wishes in a very caring way that will make a difficult process as easy as possible on your loved ones.

The course is on-demand, so you can do it at your own pace.  I suggest you plan to devote an hour a week to the online lessons and I also ask you to carve out 10-20 minutes a day for meditation and/or journaling.

Are you ready?

Once you start implementing what you learn in the Thriving in Retirement program…

You will find, know and live your purpose, and continue to learn, evolve and grow through the rest of your life.

Would you like to be part of the inaugural class for Thriving in Retirement?

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