Learn to Thrive in Retirement

Would you like to learn to thrive in retirement?  I’m often asked; ‘ what will I learn in the program?’  Therefore, I wanted to address this in a blog post for those (like me) who love to read.   

What will I learn in the Thriving in Retirement Program?

In a nutshell, you will learn the ingredients to live at your best and be a model of well-being. 

This course is laid out in modules.

Module One welcomes you to the course and explains how to use the learning platform.  

I will tell you more about why I created the course, and we will explore a better term than ‘retirement’ for this phase of life.  In addition, we talk about longevity and living longer.  For example,  we learn about supercentenarians who are living to 110 and beyond.  As a result, you may have 40 or more years of productive time left.  How can you use that time to make life exciting and meaningful?  We talk about the phases of retirement and how to avoid the retirement dip, which can be a time of depression and loneliness.

In Module Two, you dive into clarifying your purpose in life. purpose

You learn why clarifying purpose is so important.  Then, you take a quiz; after that, you get inspired by people who have launched into exciting new territory in the third chapter of life.   And finally, you experience many different exercises, tools, and techniques to discover and hone your purpose.

In Module Three, you will learn the basics of Mindfulness and Meditation.

You will start a daily practice that will make a profound positive difference. And you learn to practice meditation with many options so you can find a method that resonates with you.  

In Module Four, you will cultivate creativity to amplify life.  

thriving in retirementThis is such a fun module.  You learn to free your inner artist.  Not only do you learn tools and techniques to help you think more broadly.  But you also experience playing, saying yes, and taking risks.  You also learn to see like an artist and cultivate curiosity, attention and noticing skills.

In Module Five, you consider how and where you want to live in this phase of life.  

We talk about decluttering.  You will explore the notion of perhaps moving to an entirely different city or country.  Different lifestyles and communities are covered.  And you will hear some out-of-the-box ideas for finding your ideal spot to vacation or live.

In Module Six, you dive into the subject of happiness and joy. thriving in retirement

You learn more about cultivating optimism, gratitude, and greater well-being.  We explore the relationship between money and happiness.  You learn more about the science of happiness.  And, above all, you take some concrete steps to increase your own personal happiness and daily joy.

In Module Seven, You study mind, body, and spiritual resilience.  

You learn how part of resilience is changing with the times.  This includes the idea of continuing to embrace technology throughout life.  And we also cover saying No gracefully.   Because part of resilience is being clear about what you want and protecting your time and space, the two-letter word No can benefit your well-being.  You also learn tips and tools for being resilient mentally and physically.

In Module Eight, you consider the art of dying well.  

I believe that there is such a thing as having a great death.  We are all choice-makers.  There are many ways to clarify your true desires.  And to leave your fingerprints on the plans and celebrations that will mark your transition from this life.  

I will invite you to write down your plans and intentions, and wishes in some templates.  These will make the process of getting your affairs in order pretty easy.  This is such a caring step to take that will make a complicated process as easy as possible for your loved ones.

Testimonials; Here’s what some Thrivers have said about this course:

“I now think of ‘retirement’ in a greatly expanded way.   I was dreading the future and now I am excited about the possibilities.”

“I see a bigger story of my life and now I wake up excited each day.”

“I’m using much more of my creative potential.  It’s funthrive in retirement and fulfilling.”

“I’ve been able to quiet my inner critic so that fresh ideas flow.”

“I now meditate regularly.  It helps me feel peaceful and grateful.”

Who is the Program For/Not For?

First, Thriving in Retirement is not about the financial or legal aspects of preparing for retirement.  Though these steps are essential, they aren’t sufficient.  Thriving in Retirement is all about the emotional and psychological aspects of preparing to live at your best in the third chapter of life.  The course is ideal for executives who plan to retire in the next five-seven years or who are in the first years of retirement.

The clients who will get the most from Thriving in Retirement say they want to: 

thrive in retirementFind, know, and live my purpose

Live with daily joy and gratitude

Be a role model of well-being

Be resilient, physically and mentally active

Continue to learn, evolve and grow

Amplify personal creativity; feel my creative juices flowing



If that resonates with you, you are a good candidate for this program.

In essence, you are ready to see yourself and be seen as someone who is thriving in life, and you will carve out the time to do the work. 

Those are the ones that I want in the Thriving in Retirement Program

On the other hand, if you are only interested in the financial or legal aspects of preparing for retirement, then this is not for you.  And, I can’t typically help people who are not ready to devote the time (about an hour per week) or who feel too closed in at the moment to grow and learn.

I hope you fit snugly into that first category so that you can launch into this journey and we can explore this together.

Would you like to learn tools, practices, and techniques to thrive and be a role model of well-being?

Then, I invite you to live the life you were meant to live.  Clarify your passions and your dreams.  Begin to wake up in the morning excited to get to your day.  Feel constantly connected to your intuition.  Spend more time at your best.  Use your gifts and talents to make a bigger impact.

Would you like to be part of the Thriving in Retirement Program?

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