Become a Soul Artist in 2023

SoulArt MeditationBecome a soul artist in 2023, and let this be the year of your most exciting inner transformation.  Are you starting to hear some signal or ‘call’ to awaken to a larger reality? 

If you are like me, you are a seeker. 

You yearn to answer big questions like ‘what am I here to accomplish?’ You like the notion of awakening more of your inner potential.  Maybe you feel a deep undercurrent of innate curiosity and a call to explore your creativity and imagination.

Breaking through old ways of thinking and having a fresh start sounds appealing to you. In essence: you are ready for personal transformation.

SoulArt Meditation journal ideas

A critical mission in life is to know who you are.  Allow 2023 to be the year you invest in your own development.

There is a mission at work in everyone’s life.  Who do you feel called to be?  What do you feel called to do?  You know that you could experience greater peace and harmony somewhere deep within you.   You can make this a reality by investing time in yourself this year.

Some people recognize this and are ready to do deep, inner transformation work.  Those are the ones I want in my Soul Artist Experience course.

If this describes you, I would love to work with you in 2023.  You:

  • feel drawn to explore more about your spirituality
  • desire greater wholeness and harmony
  • want to hone your intuition and feel your connection with your higher self
  • yearn to awaken more of your inner potential 
  • want to live an amplified life and use more inner capacity
  • have an openness to learn
  • have reverence for different wisdom traditions. 
  • are drawn to meditation
  • want to awaken your creativity

About me

Jane RamseyI’m Jane Ramsey, the founder of The Soul Artist Experience.  Thank you for reading this blog post.  The fact that you are here means that something is calling you to do some inner exploration.  I can relate. A meditation coach, artist, and the author of the book ‘Vision Quest; a journey to happiness,’I help you find more meaning and purpose in life, free your soul artist, connect to your inner wisdom and create a more amplified life.

Because I’ve gone on this journey myself.

My Story

I was a senior corporate executive with a Fortune 500 enterprise eight years ago.  After a 36-year career, an opportunity arose, and I launched into sudden retirement.

It felt like I was untethered for the first time in my life.  It felt scary.  But, it also felt heart-throbbingly freeing.

Deep down inside, I was excited. 

Finally, I could pursue some passions I had kept hidden all those years.SoulArt Meditation Law of Polarity

With my sudden retirement, I could pursue my life-long dream.  I went on a kind of spiritual vision quest and became a student. I felt a call to learn and obtain wisdom, to answer the big existential questions like why are we here and what are we here to do, to go deeper inside, unlocking creativity.

Something was stirring me or calling me.

Creativity was a part of it; I had ideas of making designs and pieces of art that almost had a life of their own, as though they wanted to use me as an instrument to move from subconscious to canvas.

In my studies, I learned that some spiritual teachers think we are here in life to do three things:

1. To know ourselves from a soul perspective
2. To discover our mission and why we are here
3. To learn the lessons we are meant to learn as we discover who we are

We have more than one purpose in life.

It took me a while to discover my post-retirement purpose or dharma.

SoulArt MeditationI knew it had something to do with being healthier in mind, body, and spirit. It had something to do with accessing creativity. Elevating my vibration to assist in positivity in the world. I felt it emerging for about a year, but I couldn’t quite get it.

I felt stuck and excited simultaneously, like I was just about to discover something.

For me, creativity and becoming a soul artist helped me find it.

Creating certain shapes, colors, and lightness made me feel I was tapping into and capturing a specific, higher vibration level.

I felt the same way as I went deeper into meditation. The idea of combining art AND meditation kept coming up for me, because they both lead me to a place of greater balance, joy, and peace?

I felt a strong urge to keep evolving to try to get to my best.

I kept thinking about living a full, conscious, and joyful life filled with creativity, learning, and continuous improvement of mind,SoulArt Meditation body, and spirit. Using my unique gifts and talents. Thriving.

And I kept feeling that I wanted to do something to help other people get to that feeling of flourishing evolving to be their best in mind, body, and spirit. 

Those pursuits compelled me to create The Soul Artist Experience, combining my two passions of creativity and meditation. 

I launched The Soul Artist Experience with an Inaugural Class four years ago.  Then, during the Pandemic, I placed my courses on a learning platform and added two new Soul Artist courses; Soul Artist 2.0 and Soul Artist Master Class.   Now, I am thrilled to offer my signature course on the Wellness Universe.

I work with amazing Soul Artists who transform their lives and live their purpose.

It’s a dream come true for me.  So, with each new Soul Artist who joins the Tribe, I get to share exercises, meditations, and art journaling techniques that have allowed me to manifest and live my best life.  If this sounds like something you are interested in, I would love to welcome you to the Soul Artist Experience.

The Opportunity for 2023

The opportunity is now available for you to join our Tribe of Soul Artists for a year-long program in 2023.  You can learn to manifest your best life, harness your creativity, develop your spiritual life, and learn that your life has unlimited potential. 

You will create an art journal that will become a beloved treasure, and you will free your inner artist.

The Soul Artist Experience explores life’s biggest questions and how learned scholars have thought about them through time.

You will also find greater balance in life, and through art and meditation, you will find new levels of self-expression.

What is The Soul Artist Experience?

It is a powerful spiritual, creative practice designed to help you connect to your intuition. No prior meditation or art experience is needed.

It’s a class where you learn meditation techniques and engage in active meditation through creativity.

You learn to let your ego take a back seat and detach from judgment, tune into your inner guidance and enjoy the creation process.

Creativity is the birthright of being human. 

SoulArt MeditationWe practice detaching from perfectionism and comparison and remember that we dare to explore, stretch, trust our inner guidance, experiment and take some risks; in that way, it is a metaphor for life; we all can use more of our potential and create the life we want.

Engaging in The Soul Artist Experience is an invitation to let yourself play.  You experiment, have fun, and discover what feels right for you now; your unique approach to creating your design and expressing yourself.


Your art journal will become a deep friend you treasure for the rest of your life.

And I’m here to show you how.  Watch this video to hear what experienced Soul Artists say.

SuperheroThe Soul Artist Experience course is offered on The Wellness Universe in 2023

Enroll using this link    As part of the Wellness for All Programming offered by the Wellness Universe; I offer a year-long Soul Artist Experience program beginning January 8, 2023.

You can join The Wellness Universe for free. We meet once a month on the second Sunday at 1 pm Eastern, 10 am Pacific.  What is the cost of the program? It’s donation based. All are welcome. If you can’t afford to pay right now or can only afford a little, that’s fine; if you want to pay the recommended amount, that’s fine too.

All the sessions will be recorded so you continue to have access even if you can’t attend every session live.

The Soul Artist courses help you express yourself and connect with your innate wisdom to awaken personally, creatively, and spiritually.

Feel your creative juices flowing, and find more passion and connection with life. Clarify your purpose, so you experience more meaning and fulfillment.

No prior art experience is needed.  I look forward to seeing you on the Wellness Universe.

SoulArt Meditation

You will learn to cultivate your creativity. 

Creating Zentangles, and mandalas, learning to paint, and adding to your art journal will free your inner artist.

This course will allow you to tune into your inner guidance in many ways.

Exploring the four soul questions,  you will begin to get answers.

SoulArt MeditationYou will clarify your desires and intentions, explore how you are when you are at your best, what your unique gifts and talents are, and what your legacy could be. What you want to be, do, and have.

You will learn meditation techniques.

These include mantra meditation, lovingkindness meditation, and mindfulness meditation. And breathing techniques and how to do a body scan and chakra clearing. Exploring Kirtan and learning about the power of mantras is a key lesson.

You will unleash your imagination and explore life as you want it to be.

Learning to harness the laws of the universe unlocks powerful insights.

And you will be connected to a loving, nurturing Tribe of soul artists who will be lifelong friends on a similar journey.

You will become a part of a private online connection and inspiration community of Soul Artist tribe-mates.

You will easily access me, Jane Ramsey, the course creator.  And monthly Wellness Universe sessions with other Soul Artist tribe-mates and me.

SoulArt Meditation I believe there is a mission at work in everyone’s life; who you feel called to be; what you feel called to do, and what you know in your heart you must do to experience peace and harmony.

Congratulations on considering embarking on this deep work; very few people identify and state who they are, what they want, and what they are here to do.

You can stay connected to your higher guidance system through meditation and creativity.  You will have greater access to your intuition and inner creativity and find more joy in daily life.  There is a larger story to your life.

You have amazing, unique gifts and talents to use in this life. In The Soul Artist Experience, you will understand that you can create what is in your art journal and the life you want.

Your soul is seeking your greatness. Choose and commit to those things that allow you to be your best. 

Let 2023 be the most transformative year of your life.

Enroll now in The Soul Artist Experience.

Thank you for reading this post. Feel free to share it.  Special thanks to Soul Artists Teresa Henke, Debbie Mitchell, Kathy Kellum, Tricia Strahler, Cheryl Thompson, and Sandy West for the art images.

Discover more about my journey through my book on Amazon: Vision Quest; A Journey to Happiness by Jane Ramsey.

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Watch this video to see what experienced Soul Artists say about the program.

Afraid to make art?  Watch this.

Master-level soul artists give advice to new soul artists.

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