Make the Law of Polarity Work for You

The Law of Polarity recognizes that there are multiple dimensions to things. Law of Polarity

This is part ten of a twelve-part series about ancient mystical teachings called the Universal Laws or Hermetic Principles.   The focus of this article is twofold;  The Law of Polarity and creating art exploring this principle.

Many believe that by harnessing the Universal Principles, you can achieve inner peace, a deeper connection to the universe, and a greater understanding of yourself.  

In my Soul Artist series of classes, we explore the Universal Laws, among many other topics.  Using our art journals to examine each principle helps us learn and retain the concepts we explore.

The Law of Polarity provides Soul Artists with inspiring material as they create art journal pages about this law.

Law of PolarityFor example, it conveys the idea that new creation is born from destruction.  Like the legendary phoenix that is reborn out of its own fiery death, so can you become a new person through destruction.

Portraying the idea that it is possible to transform your thoughts from hate to love, from fear to courage, by consciously raising your vibration.  Using art to show that by understanding that there are infinite possibilities in life, it is always possible to get unstuck.  Art studies of polarity are often found: radiance vs. darkness or luminosity vs. opacity.

The Law of Polarity shows us that things that appear as opposites are only two extremes of the same thing, like heat and cold, love and hate, and war and peace. 

Between two extremes, everything exists on a spectrum.  This spectrum contains an infinite number of points. For example, the difference between heat and cold is a matter of degree. There is no specific place on a thermometer where heat stops and cold begins. Similar comparisons can be made between east and west, light and darkness, large and small, and good and bad.  In other words, things that appear to be opposites can be understood as two inseparable parts of the same thing.

The wisdom contained in the second verse of the Tao Te Ching teaches us to embrace duality.

Difficult and easy bring about each other

Long and short reveal each other

High and low support each other

Lao-tzu invites his readers to unify perceived opposites; each needs the other, flowing back and forth like a pendulum.  Wayne Dyer teaches us, ‘let the contrasting and opposite ideas be within you at the same time.  Allow yourself to hold these opposite thoughts without them canceling each other out.”

According to the Law of Polarity, every situation contains potential.  Hot and cold, for example, are opposites.  However, they exist on the same continuum.  Within one exists the potential for the other.

Spiritual teachers use the law of polarity to illustrate manifestation principles.  You can consider scarcity and abundance to be on a continuum.  Similarly, success is inseparable from failure; each comes with the potential for its opposite.  Babe Ruth held the world record for the most strike-outs and the most home runs.

Intentions coupled with strong emotions like excitement and joy assist you in manifesting what you desire.  Those strong emotions are the energy that boosts the current.

Picture a battery with polar opposite terminals.  One is positive, and one is negative. Currents are created by electron flow.  Extra batteries are aligned with the same directional flow to boost the current.

Maximizing optimal energy flow is one way to make the Law of Polarity work for you. 

Your thoughts and intentions contain not only content; they also contain energy.

You could invest energy in, for example, desiring to attract more wealth.   This ensures the energy you place behind your intentions is invested in the polarity you desire.  Don’t spend any energy envisioning what you don’t desire; for example, fearing loss.

When both polarities exist concurrently with similar magnitude, it’s like stacking batteries in misalignment; the flow is interrupted. 

PolarityEnsure you focus only on what you desire.

Another way to make the law of polarity work for you is to build on the lesson we learned in Universal Law #6, the Perpetual Transmutation of Energy. Moving from one state to the other along the continuum is possible.

Feelings of hate can be transmuted into more neutral feelings or even feelings of love.

You always have the power to manifest infinite possibilities which exist along the spectrum. You can change yourself from within.

The Law of Polarity also teaches that destruction can bring new life. 

As forest fires raged in the West, the cones of giant sequoia trees released sequoia seedlings.  The element of fire allowed new life to manifest.

When you release that which no longer serves you, this destruction creates strength.  Getting rid of harmful relationships allows room for healthy ones.

The Law of Correspondence taught us that all the wisdom we need already exists inside us.  Here’s how that notion links to the Law of Polarity:Law of Polarity

We contain the possibility for all experiences.  As we experience sadness, it is understood in contrast to happiness. Light cannot be experienced if we do not know what darkness is. To feel successful, we must have a sense of what failure is.

The Law of Polarity helps us understand that there are two sides to everything, and everything has an opposite on the SAME spectrum.  

Experiencing polarities is part of what it means to be human.  We learn from failures and experience what we don’t want in order to get clearer on what we do want. 

To put The Law of Polarity into action on a practical level, ensure that the energy you place behind your intentions is invested in what you desire instead of what you don’t want.   Know that by raising your vibration, you can transform your thoughts from hate to love, from fear to courage.  All the wisdom you need is already inside you. 

Another way to put the wisdom of the Law of Polarity into action is to resist judging and defending.  Simply be instead of doing. Instead of engaging in a dance of ‘this is right and that is wrong,’ be with what is without judgment.

If you would like to embark on a journey of creativity and self-discovery, join us in the Soul Artist Experience.

Gratitude and thanks to the Soul Artists who have shared their work for this Blog Post; Kathy Kellum, Teresa Henke, and Cheryl Thompson.
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