Make the Law of Divine Oneness Work for You

When I retired from corporate life, I gave my left brain a break and my right brain the freedom to imagine and explore.  I became an artist and a student, seeking answers to my burning spiritual questions.

As I embarked on my Vision Quest, I stumbled across the Universal Laws.  These ancient principles have been handed down over centuries and are also known as Hermetic Laws and Cosmic Laws. Different wisdom traditions interpret these laws according to their various belief systems.

Different wisdom traditions interpret universal laws according to their various belief systems.

spiritual art hermetic lawsThe Universal Laws or Hermetic Principles are ancient mystical and secret teachings that could date back 5,000 years.

Through the Universal Laws, you can achieve inner peace, a deeper connection to the universe, and a greater understanding of yourself.

As I went on my journey, I found many spiritual teachers referring to the laws in slightly different ways and with different names.  Some wisdom traditions refer to three laws, four laws, seven laws, twelve laws, fourteen laws, or even twenty-one laws. 

I did a lot of my studies with Chopra Center teachers.  Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon focused on seven laws.   They wrote one of my most beloved books entitled The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga.  

After years of spiritual seeking and study, I founded a powerful online school to share with others what I had learned. Among many other spiritual topics, we explore the Universal Laws.  We use our art journals to explore each principle, making spiritual art.

The Law of Divine Oneness

I have thought of the Law of Divine Oneness often as we have seen consciousness being raised in social activism happening in the world.  

With the Law of Divine Oneness, there is a growing awareness that what happens to one of us impacts all of us.

spiritual art divine oneness

The Law of Divine Oneness

The ancient teaching is that we are all one.   We are all connected, not only to each other but to all of nature and to everything in the universe. What we do to others, we do to ourselves.

This law states that all are connected to one source; made of the same essence.  Like an interconnected web of energy, everything we do sends vibrations throughout the entire network, affecting the collective consciousness.

Quantum physics shows us oneness among all creatures.

Quantum physics shows us oneness among all creatures.  Everyone and everything is part of the whole.  We breathe the same air, exchange the same molecules, drink the same water, and exchange energy in our thoughts and interactions.  

No man is an island as John Donne said; “any man’s death diminishes me because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never seek to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

spiritual art law of divine onenessEach Soul Artist in our class is inspired to create a unique art journal page representing their interpretation of the Law of Divine Oneness.  This spiritual art is deeply personal.

Artists use words, shapes, poetry, quotes, images, and colors that showcase their view of oneness and connection between all.  

Our art journal work is not expected to be a masterpiece or even hang on a wall.  We check our egos at the door and allow ourselves to play, create and use our journal work to more fully learn about and explore a concept, such as the Law of Divine Oneness.

Some create inspirational pieces related to social activism.  Others create pages that contain an insight or revelation from their meditation practice.   Still, others focus on a mantra or affirmation that conveys the spirit of connection.

Some of my favorite spiritual art from Soul Artists on this subject are those journal pages that reflect on the divinity within each of us and how to open yourself to divine love.

When one suffers we all suffer on some level.

We take this law of oneness a further step in our class together.  If there is a oneness among all, then we are one with God; there is no separation between us and God.  This is a core belief in Vedanta.   The Greek philosopher Epictetus said, “you are a distinct portion of the essence of God in yourself.  Why then are you ignorant of your noble birth?  You carry a God about within you.” 

This is one of the many compelling insights we have had as our Soul Artists discuss this law. 

If you are the human manifestation of an aspect of God, don’t you deserve the best?  What if you began to allow yourself the highest quality of balanced, full, conscious life because you are here in service of the God within spiritual art, law of divine onenessyou.

Deepak Chopra and David Simon’s Law of Pure Potentiality is linked to the essence of this law. The law of Pure Potentiality says that our True Self, our soul at its deepest level, recognizes that everyone is the same Self in different disguises.

Everyone is the same Self in different disguises.

To me, the law of oneness means that everything we do has a ripple effect and impacts the collective—not just ourselves.   

Our actions both matter and make a difference.

When we live our lives with an awareness of this interconnectivity, we give ourselves the capacity to live our most divine life.  By understanding our connections, we recognize that everything we do has an impact.  How we choose to respond to situations matters.  Through the use of empathy, we see the connections between us all.

By knowing that we are all connected, we give ourselves the power of empathy which has the capacity to change the world.

divine onenessThrough heart-centered living, we become the change that we have been seeking.  We become the way.  Mahatma Gandhi said:

“We but mirror the world… As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. ”

The Soul Artists in our Tribe have found that by examining each of the Laws of the Universe in our art journals, the deeper meaning of each principle becomes embedded in our thoughts.  We begin to harness, understand and live each of the Laws in a very connected and fulfilling way.

It is enlightening to discuss each of the laws and hear what has resonated with each member of our Tribe. When we share our spiritual art journal work, we begin to understand how each Soul Artist is exploring the concepts.  In this way, we learn from one another, and our understanding of each principle and how to use it continues to expand.

Gratitude and thanks to the Soul Artists who have shared their work for this Blog Post; Kathy Kellum, Lynn Harrison, Teresa Henke, Tricia Strahler, and Cheryl Thompson.

Thank you for reading this post. Feel free to share it.   This is part one of a twelve-part series about the Universal Laws; focused on The Law of Divine Oneness and making spiritual art.

If you are seeking answers to spiritual questions, we would be honored to include you in our Tribe of Soul Artists.  You can find out more here: Soul Artist Experience 1.0

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