Make the Law of Gender Work for You

The Law of Gender reminds us that we see both feminine and masculine aspects of plants, animals, and minerals everywhere in nature. 

Whether you were born a male or female, you have both masculine and feminine energies.  A balanced human being is aware of masculine and feminine energy and lives in harmony with both.

This is part twelve of a twelve-part series about ancient mystical teachings called the Universal Laws or Hermetic Principles.   The focus of this article is twofold;  The Law of Gender and creating art exploring this principle.

Many believe that by harnessing the Universal Principles, you can achieve inner peace, a deeper connection to the universe, and a greater understanding of yourself.  

In my Soul Artist series of classes, we explore the Universal Laws, among many other topics.  Using our art journals to examine each principle embeds the principle in our minds.   By applying creativity to understand these laws, we absorb them in a deeper and more profound way.

The Law of Gender provides Soul Artists with inspiring material as they create art journal pages about this law.

Law of GenderFor example, using the yin/yang symbol.  Artistically conveying the idea that balance between masculine and feminine energies is vital for progress.  Showing that incubation or gestation is a critical step in the manifestation process.  Positive thoughts of making your dreams manifest are fueled with belief and high vibrational energy.  The concept of balance between doing and receiving, taking action and resting.  Have faith and trust that your desires will manifest at the right time.

The Law of Gender reveals that creating or reproducing in nature takes both sides.  For example, a  balance between assertive action and reflection and contemplation. 

Yin and Yang are in everything.  Yin is feminine energy, and yang is masculine. They both are intertwined, making a whole being.  Within this famous symbol, a small circle of masculinity exists within the feminine, and within the masculine lies a small circle of the feminine. 

Why is the Law Of Gender essential?

The law of gender is important because it shows that both sides are required for manifestation.  Law of Gender

Feminine energy tends to be giving, receptive, more passive, and inward flowing. Our empathetic and compassionate sides are made up of feminine energy.

Masculine energy tends to be action-oriented.  Action originates in thinking.  To act, we need to decide and need confidence in and follow through.

We all use masculine and feminine energy daily. 

For example, when you conceive an idea, you are using your feminine energy.  As you make decisions about and put the idea into action, that is your masculine energy at work.

The Law of Gender also decrees that everything has a gestation period or incubation period.

The notion of everything happening in its own time is embedded in incubation.  It takes nine months for a human child to develop in the womb. All seeds must germinate before sprouting. Ideas, hopes, and dreams need time to develop.

Ideas also have a gestation period.  You may have imagined a new idea for your business or dream goal.  Life shows us that results are not instantaneous.  Some span of time must elapse before you see results.  

As you actively plant seeds of ideas and begin to work on them, a lesson within the Law of Gender is to tend your seeds consciously. 

As you work toward your goals, cultivate positive thoughts along with the actions you take. Be patient with the gestation process.  Believe in yourself.  Tell yourself, ‘I can and I will.’  Stay in a high vibration as you keep the desired end in mind.  Nurture your idea.

How to Make the Law of Gender Work for You

Law of GenderTo make the Law of Gender work for you, stay in balance with both your masculine and feminine energies.  This will allow you to move forward with thoughtful action that breeds success.

Develop patience, faith, and trust that everything is happening in divine order. 

As we seek to become the best version of ourselves, the law of gender shows us that we already have all the attributes we need within us.  Our true self is always in balance and ready to embrace and fully live in the present moment.

I hope you have enjoyed the series of twelve articles on the Universal Principles.

There is a tremendous amount to absorb in these laws, and each of the laws has deep lessons to impart.  Each time I revisit them, it seems that more and more is revealed and I see linkages and connections to other teachings of different wisdom traditions.

These principles are always working together in a synergy that can bring extraordinary results.

By learning, understanding, and applying all of these laws in your life, you can live more harmoniously within the laws, continue to move toward greater abundance and joy and live your purpose.

I believe the overarching lesson of these principles is to help us expand, grow and enjoy the journey as a spiritual being having a human experience. Even the darkness serves a purpose when we understand that it makes the light brighter and our desire for clarity stronger.  The whole cosmic dance is one of love and expansion.

Thank you for reading this post. Feel free to share it.

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Gratitude and thanks to the Soul Artists who have shared their work for this post; Kathy Kellum, Teresa Henke, and Cheryl Thompson.
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Thank you for reading this post. Feel free to share it.

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