Why Cultivating Creativity is Important

Why is cultivating creativity important if you are not an inventor, artist, or musician?  Well, there are some obvious answers like creativity helps you solve problems more quickly and easily and find innovative solutions.  But what else does creativity do for you?

Creativity gives you perspective.

When you cultivate creativity, you practice seeing the larger story.  You put your experiences in perspective.  

Instead of getting mired in the details, being creative opens your mind to view a situation from a new vantage point.  To paint a picture, write a story, or take an artful photograph, you look at a situation from several angles as you explore it creatively.

You make a choice to focus on a leaf, a branch, the whole tree, or the forest.

Creativity is fun and fulfilling.

I have created a series of Soul Artist Experience courses that combine creativity and personal development.  Elizabeth Gilbert has been a tremendous inspiration for me.  In her book Big Magic she says; 

“A creative life is an amplified life. A happier life, an expanded life. Bringing forth your best; feeling free to respond to what life brings us at the highest level is the most fulfilling kind of creativity.”

She reminds us that being creative doesn’t feel like work.

Creativity helps you feel joyful and light.  It connects you to an innate part of you that has always been within you, which she calls your higher creative self. 

In my courses, I ask artists to pay attention to those creative moments that lift mood states.  Where you laugh or feel excited about what’s creatively emerging.  These ‘at your best’ moments bring you joy.

And you begin to realize; yes, this version of me is the one I want hanging around more often.

Creativity enlivens your life.

Nearly every day, I wake up excited because my mind is brimming with creative ideas.  I can’t wait to get started on my next creative project.

When you cultivate creativity, your mind is open.  Ideas are buzzing and the world around you is a constant source of inspiration. 

When your mindset is in this open, active place you are naturally able to generate more new solutions to problems, which makes you more innovative.

In nearly all of my courses, I ask my students to take their class notes in an art journal.  I encourage them to actually play with paint and pens and markers and decorate their art journal pages.  

But even if they decide not to do that, creativity still enlivens life.  If you are simply the appreciator of other people’s creativity, your life is enriched.

You get benefits simply from being AROUND creativity.  According to a study originally published in the American Journal of Public Health, the simple act of being in the presence of creativity can also do wonders for your frame of mind.

So admiring a poem or piece of art in a museum also enlivens your life with inspiration.

I have created a course titled Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation and we deeply explore how to cultivate creativity.

I am also creating a course helping people thrive in retirement and the idea of staying creative throughout your whole life is a central theme.  Imagine staying vital, curious, and excited about life throughout your whole life and how that could impact your last third of life.

Creativity gives you confidence.

Challenges are part of life.  Part of being human is facing inevitable obstacles.  

Creative people have perspective and see the larger story. Seeing a situation from a higher altitude allows you to find solutions more easily.   This gives you the confidence that you can tackle anything that comes your way.  

Routinely overcoming obstacles helps you see that you are a capable person.   That instills confidence that you can meet any situation with your own unique brand of resilience and adaptability.  

Successfully finding creative solutions helps you realize that you have innate problem-solving ability and acumen.  And, this confidence makes you a role model that inspires others to cultivate their own creativity.  

Self-Expression is beneficial for well-being.

When you engage in creativity, you are expressing your inner thoughts and emotions.

The self-expression tools and processes I teach in my courses help you process thoughts and emotions in ways that feel satisfying and releasing.  This also relieves stress.

Sometimes when words are not enough to express my emotions I paint.   That way, I experience ways to process my emotions without words.   Creative tools like journaling, mind-mapping, stream of consciousness writing and even drawing allow you to address the things on your mind. 

Freedom of expression is so important to your well-being.  When you express thoughts and emotions, you get clarity and fresh insights.  The process of putting them out in a creative way makes them more real and solid and then you see they can be tackled.

And whatever your form of expression, you bring unique, interesting, and beautiful things into the world.

Creativity can help you live better – longer

A recent study in Scientific American Magazine shows that creativity exercises certain neural networks in your brain. 

This keeps your mind more active and keeps you healthier, so you live longer than someone who doesn’t use these networks. 

You also stay more engaged with creativity so that your quality of life is improved as you age, which to me is more important than simply living longer.  Living with great mental well-being is an important goal.

Remember: Creativity isn’t reserved for certain people who are more inspired or unique, it’s in us all just waiting for a chance to be invited out to play.

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