Questions about Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation

When people hear that I have just launched a new course on Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation, three obstacles and questions tend to surface.  I wanted to answer them in a blog post in case there might be questions that have come up for you.

The first question is:

What will I learn in the Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation course?Sixth Sense

In a nutshell, you will learn why creativity is so important.  Tapping into your imagination and innovative self helps you amplify your life.   You will also learn why the human brain is wired for creativity and how to access the creativity that has always been within you.  

Re-discovering your own creative genius is an important part of the course. 

Why do I say re-discover? It’s because most humans peak in their creative genius at about 5 years old.  

You learn more about some fascinating science that backs up that claim in a free webinar that helps you understand what the course offers.

creativityThe creative capability you had as a young child is still in you. 

Experiencing a host of creative problem-solving tools and techniques helps to unlock your creative potential. 

The next question I typically get is:

What if have never thought of myself as particularly creative?

Then, I REALLY want you to take the course.  Creativity is within everyone.  It is a part of being human.  Some people feel reluctant to experiment creatively.  

Most people peak in their creative genius at 5 years old.  

You can easily reclaim that creative potential within you — you simply have to be open enough to try.  You will even take your class notes in an art journal as one simple way to awaken the creativity within you.

In the course, you also learn to meditate and you experience many mindfulness techniques.  So, another question I typically receive is:

Explain more about the relationship between mindfulness and creativity.

Accessing creativity is an inner journey. When the mind is distracted or under pressure, creativity can be restricted.  

Mindfulness meditators learn to deeply notice this moment.  Not the past or the future.  

Now.  This moment. When you learn to pay mindful attention in meditation, that skill translates beautifully to developing your creativity whether you are a visual artist or doing any other creative activity.

The course is brand new, but I already have some testimonials that have given me a belief that this course can really make a difference.  Maybe you feel ready to take the creative leap and make an investment in yourself?  

Here’s some feedback I’ve gotten about the course:

This creativity course has been such a blessing for me and came at just the right time!  I have been feeling a little stale in my daily practices, and;

Jane’s course has been a flash of light for me.

I have begun to see things in new ways, and new ideas are opening up as I practice creativity in all areas of my life.  My meditation practice is deeper, my spirituality is clearer and my art is blowing up right off the page!  Thank you so much, Jane, for this amazing offering!   

Jane’s Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation class is the best class I’ve ever taken and the best instruction I’ve ever received.   

The variety of topics and information provided interesting background and proven realistic and applicable tools to use in my personal life – and in business situations that encourage and need creativity and innovation. (Leaders NEED this class.) 

creativity, imagination, and innovation courseJane’s course gives me the belief in my ability to be creative and imaginative.

 I’ve been able to not only quiet my inner critic so that fresh ideas flow, but it has enabled me to cease comparison so that others truly inspire me with their creativity.  

I find the subject matter of this course to be fascinating. 

Cultivating creativity – this segment really resonated with me, especially the convergent & divergent thinking content.

If this has intrigued you, please watch the Free Webinar and learn more.

The Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation course is right for you if you are ready to:

  • Amplify your own personal creativity
  • Be seen as a creative, innovative leader 
  • Learn practical ways to get unstuck 
  • Stop patterns of negative self-talk
  • Increase creative problem-solving skills
  • Inspire fresh thinking to generate new ideas
  • Accelerate innovation
  • Feel inspired to dare to go for your big ideas

If you would like to learn more about the Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation Course, watch the Free Webinar.

Remember: Creativity isn’t reserved for certain people who are more inspired or unique, it’s in us all just waiting for a chance to be invited out to play.

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