Be a Role Model of Well-Being

You can be a role model of well-being.  The third chapter of life can be a magical time of freedom when you can finally live the life you were meant towell-being live.  If you are like a lot of people, you might feel that you lived much of your life directed by someone else’s values and choices.

When you retire, it’s finally a time to create life as YOU want it to be.  

Claim life on YOUR terms.

Do exactly what you want; live your dreams.  Filled with energy and excitement. 

There are people who learn to really thrive in retirement and we all want to learn their secrets for thriving.  Other people struggle.  Some people fall into depression and feel confusion, boredom, and loneliness.

You can find the path toward greater meaning and fulfillment.

Creating a life filled with joy and gratitude means you are making an impact in a soul-filling way that is right for you.

I developed the Thriving in Retirement program because I am passionate about helping people transcend barriers and live life to its fullest.  You have an enormous opportunity to make the third stage of life your best.

As a former executive, I’ve hired and coached thousands of leaders.  

It’s fascinating to see how life turns out.  Will this particular trainee get in the groove and earn promotion after promotion?  Or, will they decide corporate life isn’t a fit after all?  Will this highly successful executive thrive or struggle when they hit retirement? 

As much as I love to see people evolve and grow after retirement, it often isn’t that way.  My wish for everyone is that life could be a rising arc that just keeps getting better despite all the challenges that can come up.

I see too many who flounder in the last part of life.

Yet, others seem to be on a path to greater and greater fulfillment even as they age; even as they face whatever surprises life has in store; living their dreams, sharing their passions; staying creative and vital.well-being

That’s what I want for me, for everyone I love and that’s why I created the Thriving in Retirement program.

There is a big mistake people often make when preparing for retirement.

A big mistake some make is planning only for the financial aspects of retirement.  Financial planning is essential – but it’s not sufficient.

Most people put a tremendous amount of effort into the financial component of planning for retirement.  But, in terms of the emotional side of retirement, they put about as much effort as planning a vacation.  Most people wildly underestimate the impact of this transition in life.

There are people who learn to really thrive in retirement and some who struggle. 

Some people fall into depression and feel confusion, boredom, and loneliness.

Others learn ways to really find a personal path toward greater meaning and fulfillment.  They do the inner work necessary to create life as they want it to be.  Those are the role models for well-being.

The purpose of the Thriving in Retirement program is to help you embrace this time in your life to live at your best and find deep fulfillment.

Because I am an artist and a creativity advocate, I know first-hand the benefits of cultivating creativity.

Studies show that accessing your creativity is one key way to generate more fulfillment in life.  

In the Thriving in Retirement program, you will experience freeing your inner artist and become inspired to make creativity an important part of the rest of your life.

And, you will learn why adult brains can focus too much on limiting beliefs.   These beliefs can keep you from exercising your full creative potential.  You will learn ways to tame your inner critic.

Quieting your mind is another catalyst for positive transformation.

You learn the basics of mindfulness and meditation and start a daily practice that will make a profound positive difference in your life.  

In the program, you have access to many mindfulness and meditation options so you can find a method that resonates with you. thriving in retirement

You learn concrete ways to generate greater well-being. 

These include exercises to increase meaning, gratitude, fulfillment, joy, and happiness in life. 

In addition, you learn to cultivate resilience in mind, body, and spirit.   Because the ability to bounce back after exposure to some kind of stress is a critical life skill in generating well-being. In life, stuff happens.  It is inevitable.   Being fortunate enough to age means that we will experience setbacks.

Cultivating the ability to be as resilient as possible can be learned and practiced.

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