Unlock your Potential

Would you like to unlock your potential and use more of your inner capacity?  We, as humans, only use a fraction of our many bits of intelligence.  Therefore,  we fail to break through and achieve all we can.  Our impact is lessened.   We don’t fully use our gifts and talents to make all the difference in the world that we could.

Michelangelo said, “the greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.”  

For many years there was a widely held myth that people only use about ten percent of their mental capacity.  That myth has since been challenged, and I am actually making a broader point.  

When I talk about unlocking your potential, I’m talking about unleashing capacities beyond just your brain function.  I am talking about unleashing potential in mind, body, soul, and spirit.

You can achieve more of your potential in all aspects of life.  As a matter of fact, you can increase your effectiveness and capabilities across a spectrum of your aptitudes.

You might be surprised by how many catalysts there are in unlocking your potential.  Not only are there dormant potentials within you that can be awakened.  But also, each one of these pathways helps you expand, grow and be more of who you are.  

Thought and Beliefs

Inherent within the notion of unlocking your potential is the idea that your thoughts are things.  In other words, you can actively initiate thoughts, actions, and upgraded beliefs to lead a happier and more fulfilled life.  

For instance, you can strive to become the best version of yourself in every stage of life.  Youth and middle age are not the only times in life for expansion.  You can practice, change and grow at every age.  

One truth that I come back to time and again is this.  If we can harness our own thoughts, we can see the potential that exists within us. For example, we can choose to transform negative thoughts into something actionable, positive, and realistic.   In this way, we re-train our thought habits to look for evidence that our efforts can be successful.

All is Choice

You can probably think of someone who you consider to have failed to live up to his or her potential.  Conversely, you probably also know someone who achieved extraordinary things despite societal, personal, and environmental obstacles.

The choices each of us make differentiate one person from another.  We each make our own choices and this gives us individuality.  For example, one person might choose to stay stuck in boredom and frustration.  He or she might decide to remain dissatisfied with their life.  However, another person might choose to invest time, energy, work, and resources to become the best possible version of themselves.

My life is unique, your life is unique; limited by our choices.

Inspire Yourself

Think back over your own life and note some of your achievements and accomplishments.  Can you identify some instances where you achieved even more than you ever thought possible?   Where you broke through to a new stage of your own evolution and experienced a new level of efficiency, effectiveness, and capability?  And you opened a door to a new way of being in the world?

Your achievements might be mental, physical, emotional, interpersonal, spiritual, intuitive, and creative.  


An example of mental transformation might be where you learned something new; perhaps a language or a new skill like playing an instrument.  For instance, you were standing at a certain level of understanding or proficiency and then you made a leap.  You unleashed a new level of capability through learning and practice.  A dormant potential existed within you and you awakened it and achieved a whole new level of mastery.


If you unlocked some new physical capability, you might have gotten in better shape.  Perhaps you began to make healthier choices, extending your longevity and feeling able to live life more fully.  You broke through a barrier or a limitation, such as achieving your ideal weight.  That new level of capability may have spurred you onto further achievements.  For example, you may have even decided to compete in a race or challenge yourself to learn a new modality such as yoga.


Maybe you overcame an addiction or a phobia and healed yourself.  Perhaps you forgave yourself or someone else for something that happened in the past.  You began to nourish positivity.  You stopped negative self-talk.  Or you started a daily gratitude practice.

As we begin to understand the power of attracting positivity, we begin to see the infinite possibilities within us.  

In this way, we begin to live a more full-spectrum life where we are very conscious of our choices.  This not only helps us achieve balance but also helps us unlock more potential within.


You may have grown interpersonally.  For example, improving your listening skills so that you communicate in a more compassionate way.  Or, maybe you noticed a human need and marshaled resources to help the situation.

Another example of interpersonal expansion would be learning to cultivate both masculine and feminine energy.  In this way, you can utilize this knowledge to illuminate your blind spots and unlock a broader spectrum of responses to life’s challenges.


Spiritual growth is a powerful catalyst to unlocking your hidden potential.  Experiencing awe, wonder and the feeling of inspiration enlarges our boundaries and makes us feel alive.  Meditation of all kinds can be profoundly healing to the mind and body.

Perhaps you begin a daily meditation practice and through that began to more deeply understand yourself and the larger truths of life.  Meditation helps you discover who you really are.   If you have a regular meditation practice, you will notice that you get clearer on how to create life as you want it to be.  


Spiritual growth can also lead you to harness more of your intuitive potential.  We all have latent intuitive abilities.  Lying dormant within you may be clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairaudient, and clairsentient capabilities that allow you to understand the world beyond your five senses.

Multi-Dimensional Expansionunlock your potential

Mind, Body, and Spirit

You may embark on new growth through multi-dimensional integrative practices that engage your mind, body, and spirit such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, and Pranayama.

Creative Expansion

Creative growth is a passion of mine.  I believe if you allow yourself to access your creativity, you unleash many kinds of hidden potential that will allow you to more fully explore all of your many capabilities.  

Our consciousness is a field of unlimited possibilities.   When we bring hidden potential to life, we are being creative.  The highest use of creativity is to create life the way you want it to be; this brings freshness and renewal every day.  By accessing your creativity, you can always find a way to get unstuck.  

For example, taking the series of SoulArt courses allows you to grow creatively, mentally, spiritually, interpersonally and intuitively.  You begin to see the larger story of your life and expand in a multitude of ways.

What can we learn from the Human Potential Movement?

You may have heard of the Human Potential movement in modern psychology.   This movement began to take shape under the leadership of Abraham Maslow in the 1960s.   Maslow was a psychologist who created a model pyramid called the Hierarchy of Needs.  

His model maps the journey from survival needs such as shelter and food to what Maslow called self-actualization.  The Hierarchy of Needs is a seven-step path toward individual fulfillment that’s open to everyone.

Maslow set forth the theory that each of us has the potential for self-validating transcendent experiences.

The idea of creating more capacity in our own human potential is very powerful for me.

I want people to be able to bring more of who they are to the world and use their gifts and talents to make a difference.

What if we could use more of our capacity?

If you unleash more of your inner capacity, you stop playing small. You actualize your greatest potentials and become the best possible version of yourself.

Striving to get better and more capable helps you reach for what Maslow called self-actualization.  You experience a substantial increase in efficiency, effectiveness, and capabilities.

You can be more loving, more capable, have greater clarity of thinking; more wholeness and health.  This can help you achieve more in life, make a bigger impact, and feel more joyful and fulfilled.

If you would like to unlock your potential and make a bigger impact in life, I recommend taking the SoulArt Meditation course.  Soul Artists find greater meaning, purpose, joy, and gratitude.  And, we share tips and ideas with one another in a supportive community.

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