Your Passion is Your Purpose

Your passion is your purpose.   This is the answer many spiritual teachers give when you ask the timeless question;  ‘what am I here to do with my life?’

Purpose.  It is a question that launched me on a journey that became a quest.  At some point in our evolution, the question seems inevitable.   When it comes,  I believe it is a signal or call from your soul.

My journey began at the end of a thirty-six-year career. 

what is my purposeI felt stuck and stagnant.  Though work was challenging and time-consuming, I was a bit bored.  I kept wondering; isn’t there more to life?  What is my soul’s purpose?  What is the larger story of my life?  

I wondered if I was learning the lessons I was meant to learn.  Thinking I had much more to give, I realized I was failing to use much of my inner potential.

And just as my sudden retirement began, I recognized that I was ready to break free of that feeling, saying “I don’t want to be in the same place next year.”

I felt ready to heed ‘the call’ to awaken to a larger reality.  

Somehow, I felt scared and excited at the same time, and it made me feel more alive.  

As I bumped along my path during this transition time, I began to ask myself some soul questions.  Who am I?  What do I want?  What is my purpose?  I journaled and paid attention to what my art was telling me.

The answers didn’t come immediately, but I got glimmers. 

I became open to synchronicity and began paying attention when an article or YouTube video seemed to call to me; when there seemed to be a particular message coming through in my paintings.

On this spiritual development journey, I felt led to finally explore so many of my passions; human potential, creativity, spiritual awakening, feminine energy, philosophy, wellness, quantum physics, the science of happiness, and more. 

I studied with amazing teachers around the world and felt myself starting to expand.  

My desires were becoming clearer.  I wanted to somehow combine my passions of studying spiritualityyour passion is your purpose and creativity. 

Friends and family challenged me.  They said; creativity and spirituality; how do you combine those two things?  

Though I didn’t have an answer, I felt called to keep pursuing this path.  And I learned a secret. 

There is an artist in each of us.   We all have an essence in us that seeks self-expression.  I was finding my purpose in this idea.

As I began to tap into my passion – my purpose – it felt as though I had found the defining thread running through my life.    

PurposeThe more I discovered about purpose, the more I recognized that when you live your unique destiny, it makes you feel powerfully alive.   

You begin to discover your purpose when you deeply pursue the question about your desires.  Your passions in life.

Deep within you are ideas longing to be expressed. 

When you act on those things that bring you joy, you begin to discover some important inner truths.  

Joseph Campbell said;   Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

Exploring my purpose led me to take several steps on my path.  I became a Chopra-certified meditation coach.  I overcame my fear of self-expression and wrote a book.  After making art for years as a hobby, I found the courage to declare myself an artist.

I felt as though an inner voice was drawing me along each step in my journey to use more of my potential and live more of my purpose.  

’The Buddha said; your purpose in life is to find your purposeliving your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it. 

 In Eastern religions, they call this divine purpose your dharma.

When you explore purpose and destiny, you are really asking;  how can I use more of my potential; use my gifts and make a bigger impact in life?

When you freely share your gifts with others, your life becomes filled with meaning and purpose.

You create significance.   As you change and grow, you change the world around you. your passion is your purpose

Another way to ask the question is; how can I serve?

Listen to the answers within.   Sometimes the answers will surprise and delight you.    You have amazing talents to share. 

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what makes you uniquely you?    And, what do you love to do?  That type of exploration may help you understand your unique purpose or purposes.  

There is no one else on earth who has your exact blend of passions, capabilities, and uniqueness that make you, you. 

No one else can give birth to what you have to give. 

Your purpose is as unique as your DNA and your fingerprints.  And yet, your purpose is dynamic.  It is ever-evolving.  

Kevin Cashman says; “Purpose is spirit seeking expression.”

How clear are you on your purpose in life?  You can take this quiz to find out.

Your purpose exists deep within you.  The seeds are planted.  They begin to blossom when you take the time to nurture and tend them.

If this notion of purpose has awakened something in you, I urge you to act upon it. 

I believe that honoring your calling is why you were born.   Heeding the call can help you unleash your potential and help you feel truly alive.

If you would like to get clarity on your purpose in life, I recommend taking the Soul Artist Experience 1.0 course.

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