Are you a High-Vibration Person?

High vibration people are my ideal SoulArt clients. High Vibration

Because I have the luxury of working with people I really like, I seek them out and use the term ‘high vibration’ when I talk about Soul Artists.

You might be wondering; am I a high vibration person? 

How would you describe this type of person?  If I had to sum up a high vibration person in one word, it would be optimistic.  

I grew up with an everyday example of living in high vibration.   My Dad was optimistic.  He was grateful, open, and upbeat.  Life wasn’t perfect for him.  But, even when things went wrong, he had a positive outlook. 

He understood that thoughts activate emotions. Emotions are responsible for your frequency of vibration. 

Your frequency of vibration establishes your mindset. 

It draws toward you what you are in harmony with.   Your own high vibration attracts people and outcomes of a similar vibration.

Shifting thoughts and behavior to a higher vibrational level transforms your experience. One of my Dad’s favorite sayings was; ‘If you act enthusiastic, you will be enthusiastic.’  

He understood that it’s possible to transmute energy to a higher vibration through thoughts and actions.

There are many ways to raise your vibration such as spending time in nature, getting exercise, expanding your horizons, and meditating. 

High VibrationOne tangible way to find this type of expansion is to create something that conveys the essence of higher vibrations.  We do this in our SoulArt classes, using journaling to capture positive and inspiring thoughts and images.

High vibration people live in flow and positivity.   They are open and interested in learning and growing.  An optimistic mindset is built from thinking positive thoughts.  

This attracts even more positivity. Like attracts like. 

The Law of Attraction says that what you think about, you tend to bring about.   Every thought, emotion, or mental state has a corresponding vibration.  

Health, abundance, love, and joy are high vibrations.  These begin to flow to you when you radiate them.  And you begin to attract more birds of a feather who vibrate similarly to you.

I like being around people who exude natural happiness.  

If you accept that everything begins as a thought, the current picture of your life in some way reflects your current thoughts.  I believe that thought is one of the most powerful forms of energy.  

Each thought creates a vibration.  When you give a thought to your intention and attention it becomes even more potent.  The more focus and attention you give to the thought, the more it shapes your reality.  Your thinking impacts your behavior. Your behavior impacts your results.   

When you get intentional about your thought habits — what you think, feel, and believe — you can shift your reality.

How can I raise my vibration?

The Universal Principles tell us that energy and vibration can be shifted.  You can raise your vibration.  Anything that is energy with its own vibration and frequency can be adjusted.  

Being grateful is one way to raise your vibration. high vibration

Feelings of gratitude are incredibly transformative emotions.  This is because gratitude brings you into the present moment.  

When you allow yourself to feel gratitude regardless of what is going on, it is a powerful way to change your life.   When you can focus on the moment right now and feel thankful, you expand and grow.

Gratitude is associated with higher levels of happiness in positive psychology research.  

Practicing gratitude fuels positive outcomes.  For instance, when you relish good experiences you are more likely to improve your health.  In addition, you will also cope with adversity in a more resilient manner, and build stronger relationships.   

Positive emotions are generated by grateful responses to life.  When you feel grateful, higher levels of optimism and connection result.  

Not only does compassion increase.  But also, you become more vibrant and whole.  

Panache said it well;

“How you vibrate is what the universe echoes back to you in every moment.” – Panache

Cultivate Positive Emotions

Love is of the highest vibration and hateful emotions consist of low, dense vibrations.  As we show when we create in SoulArt classes, the vibrations that create our experience emanate directly from us.  

Consciously raising our vibration can immediately change our reality.  We exist in an energetic universe. We transmit and receive vibrations and energy.

In order to bring about what you desire in life, transmit signals that are vibrationally compatible with your goals.

Make Conscious Choices

To keep your vibration high, consume not only food but information and entertainment that is uplifting.  Choose music, films, books that enhance your mood state and energy.   Learn new things that expand your thinking.  Find photos or create images that fill you with wonder and awe.  Choose to be around other people who contribute to your sense of well-being and nourish instead of depleting you.

When you begin to do this, you spend more of your time in flow, love, and positivity.

These ‘divine emotions’ begin to attract similar emotions of joy, equanimity, courage, and confidence.

You then realize that you are spending even more time at your best.  You become the best version of yourself.  This is a catalyst that inspires others to shift toward greater positivity.

High vibration people tend to use more of their potential. 

They live better, do more, and aren’t afraid to try and learn new things.  They live in expansion vs. contraction.

When you spend time with high vibration people, you can release your toxic associations.  Those who spend more time in negative emotions won’t be vibrating similarly to you.  You will naturally attract your ‘birds of a feather.’

You are a high vibration person if you practice optimism and nurture your positive thoughts. 

If you would like to spend more time around high vibration people, consider taking the SoulArt courses.   I would love to have your beautiful energy in our community.

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