How to Awaken Sacred Feminine Energy

How do you awaken your Sacred Feminine energy? 

Awakening your Sacred Feminine energy is not a topic only for enlightened women.   As a matter of fact, the Sacred Feminine encompasses energies such as creativity, development, healing, nurturing, compassion, and wisdom. These qualities are inherent within each of us.  In addition, all beings, of all gender identities and experiences, can create space for greater balance between their feminine and masculine sides. 

When we unite the subtle energies within us, we embark on a path toward greater wholeness.

A recent Deepak Chopra and Alicia Keyes collaboration captivated thousands.  They hosted a free, 21-Day Meditation Challenge. Activating the Divine Feminine; The Path to Wholeness.  Their meditations teach us to move beyond limitations.  Not only can we break free of confining morays that society reinforces, but we can also activate and connect to the deeper levels of life’s divine energy

Sacred Feminine

The Universal Principle of Gender teaches us a profound truth; a balance is needed between our masculine and feminine energies.

Grounded in every wisdom tradition, the Divine Feminine or Sacred Feminine connects us to the Yin side of our nature.   In other words, this aspect of your consciousness accesses your feminine characteristics.  These vital traits include intuition, empathy, creation, community, and sensuality.  Most importantly, this energy exists in everyone, regardless of gender. 

Every branch of mythology pays reverence to the Feminine.  For example, Egyptian Mythology pays reverence to powerful Neteru such as Sekhmet and Hathor.  

In like manner, in Hinduism, deities like Lakshmi and Saraswati are honored.   Some Christian wisdom traditions honor Mother Mary and a pantheon of Saints.   The early Gnostics paid reverence to Sophia.

We yearn for a connection to our archetypes. 

Sacred Feminine Mother EarthArchetypes are universal symbols and images.  These derive from the collective unconscious.  Carl Jung taught us that archetypes comprise psychological patterns.  These patterns are recognized from historical roles in life.  For instance, one of the most powerful archetypes is The Mother.  This divine maternal energy is thought of in various ways.  She is our teacher, guru, and healer. In addition, she is caring, nurturing, intuitive, and creative. 

Mother exemplifies harmony, order, and comfort.  However, she also has forceful, powerful sides within her nature.  When necessary, she wields her warrior energies.  Not only is she a defender of her children, but she also unleashes powerful protection when needed.

Spiritual teachers are finally being heard. Feminine qualities are sorely needed in the world.  Moreover, win/lose scenarios and masculine aggression are finally being seen in a new light.  

As we begin to awaken our Sacred Feminine energy, our newly discovered balance allows us to operate more completely in the world.  For example, the enlivening of our feminine side may allow us to recognize our connection to Mother Nature or Mother Earth.   If you are like me, you may now feel a stronger pull to take care of our planet.  As a result, you recognize that Mother Earth is our place in this physical plane, our home in the universe.

Goddess Oracle CardsPerhaps you feel a greater yearning to invoke your Sacred Feminine qualities.

You allow them to emerge not only within yourself but also foster their development in the world at large.  Furthermore, you honor and pay reverence to these feminine traits and characteristics.

Amy Sophia Marashinsky assembled a compelling set of Goddess Oracle cards beautifully illustrated by Hrana Janto.  Cards such as these are a tool to help you celebrate the many facets of Sacred Feminine energy.  The Goddesses chosen for this deck include a wide range of world cultures.   Getting in touch with your Sacred Feminine energy using a deck like this is easy.  First, you ask a question.  Then you shuffle the deck and pick a card.  Finally, you read in the accompanying book how to interpret the card.

What does the Sacred Feminine Look Like?

Though called by many names, certain energies are commonly mentioned:

Acceptance, mothering; tendernessSacred Feminine

Compassion, forgiveness, empathy


Seeing beauty

Love; affection


Wisdom-keeping, divine awakening

Intuition, insight, creativity

Peace, harmony

Sensual enjoyment and primal awarenessSacred Feminine

Healing, wholeness, and integration

Guardianship and protection

Mystery; high priestess qualities

Vulnerability, humility


Collaboration, inclusiveness, sharing

Being one with nature

Birthing or bringing things to life

How do you increase divine feminine energy?

Dr. Deepak Chopra wrote an acclaimed article calling for a movement toward wholeness for everyone.  This movement allows suppressed feminine qualities to emerge.   Because you have the divine feminine within you.  You can increase your divine feminine energy by calling into being the Goddess energy within you.  This is a path to greater wholeness.  In other words, celebrate and bring forth sacred feminine traits as opposed to suppressing them.

Doing research in order to learn more about Divine Mother and Goddess figures is another way to awaken these energies within.

In my courses, Soul Artists identify Goddess archetypes for study and personal connection. 

In our art journals, we pay homage to the Sacred Feminine by naming traits we want to nurture within ourselves.  First, we select a Goddess or Sacred Feminine archetype.  We might draw her image or collage her picture.  Then, we list the traits we admire and want to nurture within ourselves.

Bring to mind the essence of the Goddess energy you want to invoke, such as Quan Yin.

Sacred Feminine Quan YinFor example, if I wanted to focus on being more compassionate, I might choose to study Quan Yin.  She is honored across the world for her compassion and mercy.  This beloved Goddess is often depicted as a barefoot, gracious woman dressed in white flowing robes.   A white hood is gracefully draped over her head.  She carries a small vase of holy nectar. 

To increase your Sacred Feminine energy, invoke the characteristics of a Goddess to awaken within you. 

For example, you could picture Quan Yin.   Imagine throwing out her image before you and then take a step into her image.   

In addition, list her admired characteristics and set a goal to embody them.  In the case of Quan Yin, you might invoke her to help you make a commitment to be more compassionate and merciful.

Mary MagdaleneSacred Feminine Mary Magdalene

I chose Mary Magdalene as one of my Spiritual Feminine icons to learn more about.  Raised Roman Catholic, I grew up influenced by a patriarchal view of Mary Magdalene.  Then, I read The Gospel of Mary Magdalene by Harvard-trained theologian Meggan Watterson.    

I now have an updated view of this strong, independent woman who supported Jesus financially and spiritually.

The discovery of the Gnostic Gospels, including the Gospel of Mary, helps us see Mary as reflective and wise.  

Her gospel is filled with love and unashamed hope.   In 2016, Pope Francis declared a feast day in Mary Magdalene’s honor on June 22.  Most importantly, this decree put her on par with the male apostles; something that has never been done before.

The Gospel of Mary says that we are not to feel ashamed or unworthy for being human. In fact, our purpose is to be a “true human being.”

Though we are human, we are also divine.   We have a limitless soul.  To access the Sacred Feminine within us, we need to recognize our own divine nature.

Mary’s gospel directs us to turn inward through meditation to connect with the part of ourselves that is beyond ego.  In this way, we find what is real, lasting, and infinite within us.


Sophia Sacred FeminineThere are two types of wisdom mentioned in the Bible.  Some Bible passages refer to wisdom as a beacon to guide our lives.  However, other passages refer to wisdom as a person, using feminine pronouns.

For example, in the Greek translation of the bible, the words for Holy Wisdom are Hagia Sophia. Scripture passages refer to Holy Wisdom as “she.”  There is also a shrine Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, which is one of the seven wonders of the world.

Many people of faith regard Sophia as a spiritual treasure.   In addition, Holy Wisdom offers us treasured gifts we can mine for spiritual growth.

Sophia is one of the Sacred Feminine icons I study.  Not only do I invoke the essence of Sophia to help me make decisions for the greater good, but I also rely on her example to help take action for the highest and best outcome.  

Author Joyce Rupp says; “I count on Sophia to influence my attitudes, values, and beliefs, to help me make good choices and decisions. I turn to Sophia for wisdom and courage. She has never failed to be there for me.”nWhen you awaken your Sacred Feminine energy, you connect to your own deep enriching inner wisdom.  Sophia

In future Blog Posts on this topic, we will explore even more Sacred Feminine Archetypes.  I invite you to share your journal pages with me.

If you would like to explore Sacred Feminine archetypes and other areas of spiritual development, I invite you to explore the SoulArt Meditation series of courses to find out more.

Thank you for reading this post. Feel free to share it.  Special thanks to Teresa Henke for the Sacred Feminine images.

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