Unleash Your Sacred Feminine Energy

Unleashing your sacred feminine energy is a hot topic these days.  At last!  Magazine articles, television shows, books, and courses are emerging.  Deepak Chopra and Alicia Keyes recently hosted a free, 21-Day Meditation Challenge entitled Activating the Divine Feminine; The Path to Wholeness.Sacred Feminine meditation challenge

Perhaps you read my recent Blog Post about the Universal Principle of Gender.  If so, you learned the concept that, for all of us, a balance is needed between masculine and feminine energies.

The Sacred Feminine is a concept grounded in spirituality and every wisdom tradition.  Since the beginning of time, energy has existed representing a connection to one part of your consciousness. 

This vital energy is the aspect of yourself that is responsible for intuition, empathy, creation, sensuality, and collaboration. Furthermore, this energy exists in everyone, regardless of gender. 

The feminine nature of the Divine transcends wisdom traditions. 

Sacred FeminineFor example, in Hinduism, a deity called Shakti is honored.  In Egypt, she is known as Isis.  To the early Gnostics, she was Sophia.

The divine maternal energy is thought of in various ways.  For instance, as our teacher, our guru, our healer. She is caring, nurturing, intuitive, and creative. 

We learn from the Sacred Feminine expansive ways of operating in the world. 

She brings harmony, order, and comfort.  Yet, she is not one-dimensional.  She can also be a defender of her children; aGoddesses fearless warrior who fiercely protects those in her care.

There is a widely held belief among spiritual teachers that more feminine qualities are sorely needed in the world.

Dr. Deepak Chopra wrote a provocative article in January 2020.  He said that masculine behavior has run its course as the model for power. 

The arms race, world wars, civil conflicts, and the buildup of atomic bombs symbolize masculine aggression.  Moreover, the urge to turn everyone into winners and losers won’t save the planet. We find ourselves in a drastic state of imbalance.  He said, “because one entire half of the human psyche, the feminine, has been suppressed, violated, or ignored.”

Certain feminine traits are revered in different wisdom tradition’s divine mother figures. For example, Mother Mary, Sophia, Kwan Yin, Mary Magdalene, Tara, Brigid, Shakti, Lakshmi, Kali, Durga, Hathor, Sothis, Isis, and many others.

Above all, divine feminine energy is required in all whole human beings, regardless of gender.

Spiritual teachers proclaim that these qualities have been missing in the world for too long.  Therefore, it is time to call these feminine qualities into being.  Not only in ourselves, but in the world at large.  

These energies are called different names.  But, specific traits are commonly mentioned:

  • Love; affection 
  • Mothering; tenderness; nurturing; acceptance
  • Compassion, forgiveness, understanding, empathySacred Feminine
  • Abundance 
  • Seeing beauty
  • Transmutation
  • Wisdom-keeping, divine awakening
  • Intuition, insight, creativity
  • Peace, harmony
  • Sensual enjoyment and primal awareness
  • Healing, wholeness, and medicine woman qualities
  • Guardianship; ferocity
  • Mystery; high priestess qualities
  • Vulnerability, humility
  • Patience
  • Collaboration, inclusiveness, enhancing others self-worth, sharing
  • Being one with nature and protecting the planet
  • Birthing or bringing things to life

A shift in the psyche of many women and girls toward greater self-esteem and worth has developed far too slowly into the world.  

Dr. Chopra calls for a movement toward wholeness for everyone, where we allow those suppressed feminine qualities to emerge.   

“You are the agent of peace, nurturing, abundance, beauty, and inspiration. When enough people make the conscious decision to express these values, the world will change.” ~Deepak Chopra

Sacred FeminineYou have the divine feminine within you.  We can all unleash our sacred feminine energy and call into being the Goddess within us.  This is a path to greater wholeness.

In my series of courses, Soul Artists identify one or more Divine Feminine archetypes for study and personal connection.

We use our art journals to honor our Sacred Feminine connections.  I studied Egyptian mythology.  Therefore, I tend to think of Goddess archetypes in terms of the Egyptian Neteru I came to love.  I feel a very deep and personal connection to several of these.

For example, the way I see the Goddess who represents healing, being a medicine woman, and magic is as Hathor.  Someone else might feel that same energy and call to mind the Celtic goddess Brigid or the Greek goddess Panacea.

Perhaps you have a mother or goddess figure in mind that you would like to learn more about. If you don’t yet feel the call of someone specific,  you may want to focus on the traits that most strongly appeal to you.

For example, the trait of compassion might resonate strongly with you.  You can find several Sacred FeminineBrigid Sacred Feminine archetypes including Kwan Yin and Tara.

In this Blog Post, we will learn about some of the Sacred Feminine archetypes that embody health and healing.   You can invoke the archetype or goddess figure to enliven those desired characteristics inside yourself.  You may choose to use an art journal to pay homage to these Sacred Feminine archetypes as we do in the SoulArt courses.


The meaning of the name Brigid is ‘bright.’  Brigid is a Celtic goddess of fire.  You may interpret this as the fire of healing.  Or you may focus on Brigid’s inspiration, craft, poetry, and divination.  Legend holds that Brigid was born with a flame reaching out from the top of her head connecting her with the universe.  The pagan and Christian versions of Brigid were merged in St. Brigid in A.D. 450.  Nineteen priestesses (nuns) guard her sacred fire in Kildare, Ireland.  Invoke Brigid when you need the fire of inspiration.  This will bring you the spark of new ideas, direction, and energy.


Hathor Sacred FeminineHathor is the Egyptian Cow Goddess of the night sky.  Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf describe Hathor as a magician, alchemist, and medicine woman,   Her medicine resolves inner conflict in order to create the magic of higher love and wisdom.  Wherever Hathor walks, conflict resolves.  She carries herself with eminence, inner peace, and grace. 

Hathor reminds us that most human suffering is unnecessary.  Perhaps we only need a tiny bit, like one pinch of a strong spice in a cauldron of soup to create transformation in the world. 

Call on Hathor to help you experience your spiritual lessons without so much drama.  Invoke her to transform what is happening around you into love.  Hathor says that since you are here in a physical body, enjoy it!  Connect with what brings you pleasure.  Pleasure relieves stress and relaxes and refreshes you.   It is the way to express health and vitality. 


Isis was worshipped in Rome, Greece, Egypt, and Germany.  Egyptian mythology tells us that Isis and her husbandIsis Sacred Feminine Osiris ruled the fertile lands of Egypt during the First Times.  Revered by all the people, Isis served as a teacher and healer.   Because of her tremendous capacity for love and healing, Isis was able to raise her murdered husband.  Through her magic and healing arts, she brought Osiris back to life then conceived the sun god Horus. 

Invoke Isis to embody the healing energy needed to heal past wounds or to birth a new project. 

Everyone needs mothering energy regardless of their stage of life.


Sothis is Isis in star form; a blue angel, she is depicted as a star being.  The star that is rising is Sothis is the energy that arises when a person has been through transition; death and rebirth.  With each sequence and transition, this energy rises anew. 

Sothis shines with sacred purpose; she is informed by the grand story of the universe.  

Sothis Sacred FeminineShe reminds us that there is a larger story to our lives; that there is meaning and purpose.  She understands our journeys.  She represents ascension; a type of resurrection and she pours understanding and celebration into our hearts.  Each of us is like a blade of grass (as the Talmud says) and Sothis sends us encouragement and whispers to us; ‘grow, grow, grow.’

Sothis reminds us after every dark night of the soul, we can rise again and ascend to great heights. 

A bodhisattva is an enlightened one with a generous spirit who pours his or her higher love and wisdom back onto the earth to all suffering beings.  As a bodhisattva, Sothis has a commitment to share all she has attained and learned until all beings on Earth ascend to higher levels of consciousness.  

In future Blog Posts on this topic, we will explore more Sacred Feminine Archetypes.  I invite you to share your journal pages with me.

If you would like to explore Sacred Feminine archetypes and other areas of spiritual development, I invite you to explore the SoulArt Meditation series of courses to find out more.

Thank you for reading this post. Feel free to share it.  Special thanks to Teresa Henke, Kathy Kellum, and Tricia Strahler for the Sacred Feminine images.

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